Expert: 129 MILLION Will Lose Insurance Under Obamacare

November 4, 2013

By now, almost everyone knows that the central promise of Obamacare was a lie. Obama’s claim, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it” line was an intentional lie.

Internal memos from years ago prove it, and even the liberal media establishment is openly calling Obama a liar.

Now, however, we’re seeing just how bad things are getting, and it’s even worse than was originally believed. In fact, 129 MILLION people will lose their insurance, according to a Duke healthcare expert.

From the Daily Caller:

If Obamacare is fully implemented, 68 percent of Americans with private health insurance will not be able to keep their plan, according to health care economist Christopher Conover.

Conover is a research scholar in the Center for Health Policy & Inequalities Research at Duke University and an adjunct scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. In an interview with The Daily Caller, he laid out what he estimates the consequences of Obamacare’s implementation will ultimately be.

“Bottom line: of the 189 million Americans with private health insurance coverage, I estimate that if Obamacare is fully implemented, at least 129 million (68 percent) will not be able to keep their previous health care plan either because they already have lost or will lose that coverage by the end of 2014,” he said in an email. ”But of these, ‘only’ the 18 to 50 million will literally lose coverage, i.e., have their plans entirely taken away. This includes 9.2-15.4 million in the non-group market and 9-35 million in the employer-based market. The rest will retain their old plans but have to pay higher rates for Obamacare-mandated bells and whistles.”

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