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4 Simple Reasons Property Encourages Prosperity


The following was written by Sam Paul, a student at New Saint Andrews College. If you wish to write something for this website, click here. The Occupy Wall Street protests would not be possible without private property. If the protesters had followed through with their original plans and held the demonstrations at the iconic Charging Bull Statue, it would have been short lived. The police had full authority when they barricaded entrances to the statue since it belonged to the city. Accordingly,

How to Learn Economics


A lot of people are easily confused about economics.  I talked about some of the misconceptions that produce such confusion in my previous article, “This is Not the Study of Economics.”  However, the good news is that economics does not have to be as hard as it seems.  In fact, once one becomes exposed to economics as it was meant to be understood, it can be the most explicitly clear and intellectually invigorating of all of the social sciences. Why?

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