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How Obama is Lying About “Fair Taxes” on the Rich

Barack Obama

Of all of the political insanity that comes from DC, nothing is more dishonest and wrong than the notion that millionaires are “getting away” with a low tax rate or that they aren’t paying their “fair share”. The rich pay a much, much higher tax rate than the middle class. Of course, Obama isn’t campaigning with

What is Capitalism?


For over a century, leftists have used the word “capitalism” as a type of curse word, the cause of all economic ills. “Oh, well that’s capitalism for you”, they’ll mutter when they read a story that involves anything economically negative. They see “capitalism” as a system where the rich wage war on the poor, or where corporations

The Biblical Case for a Libertarian Government


One of the great tragedies of history is how many “followers” of Jesus Christ have all but rejected his peaceful teachings for a violent religion that bears no resemblance to His real teachings. Wars have been fought in the name of the Prince of Peace. Women have been burned at the stake in the name of the God of Love. With

Obamacare: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch


Last year, President Obama passed his landmark health-care reform law—a watered down piece of legislation that he had been fighting for since the beginning of his presidency. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was the most expansive social legislation enacted in decades (Stoleberg, New York Times), and from the beginning, it was doomed to

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