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Kony 2012: The Goal is Not Our “Awareness”


In the West, it’s almost inconceivable that the universe doesn’t revolve around us. We believe the Americas weren’t “discovered” until a European stumbled across the land; the natives just don’t count, apparently. Hollywood has created dozens upon dozens of films about white Westerners going to Africa to save the Africans who apparently just need white people to lead the way. It’s just fascinating. The recently viral “KONY 2012″ video is a perfect example of all of this. Don’t get me

The Real Story About the “KONY 2012″ Video


Nothing is more dangerous than a populist backlash. When groups of people begin chanting, reason of the individual often gives way to the mindless rants of the collective. Nothing could be more obvious about this than the recently-viral video put out by the political-activist group Invisible Children (IC) called “KONY 2012″. This video has gone viral, getting millions of views in an incredibly short amount of time. The organization exists to get a “movement” set up to apply political pressure from

The College Bubble: Yes, College Is Incredibly Overrated

not hiring sign

Every American teen has heard it. Whether it’s from a parent, a rich uncle, or an earnest high school counselor, the advice comes tumbling out in well-worn clichés. “Go to college and invest in your future,” “Work with your head, not your back,” and even the occasional “Get a degree, and you’re set for life.” The narrative is familiar, and the idea itself is a comforting one for teenagers unsure of their place in life, and their direction for the future.

Christian Libertarianism


Yesterday, someone responded to the’s newsletter. They had received an email linking to our “Jesus was a libertarian” article as well as our article on Romans 13, where we explained that the “Prince of Peace” taught a philosophy of violence only being justified in defense situations. This was problem for her, and she wanted only secular analysis and for us to “spare” her the religious angle. This was my response: “Hey [Name], There will likely be articles from the

An Andrew Breitbart Quote

andrew breitbart

Andrew Breitbart, the man behind, and, has passed away. He was 43. The only thing we know right now is that it was of “natural causes”. In the conclusion of his new book, he wrote:  “At the end of the day, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I sleep very well at night.” Sleep well, sir. You’ll be greatly missed. We’ve lost a lion, today. May we all aspire to live in such a

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