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The Truth About Trade Deficits


For centuries, the mercantilist perspective has had an unfortunately persuasive voice in policy discussions centering on international trade. Essentially economic nationalism, mercantilism ruled yesteryear’s economy with its advocacy of low imports and high exports to retain a competitive advantage in the war-like international market of zero-sums(Ewert, 1996). Although now infrequently championed under the title of mercantilism, this philosophy lingers in the popular fear of trade deficits. Many are led to believe that a deficit in trade exists when one nation

Why I Buy Gold Online Every Month


Every month, I buy gold and silver. I do this when gold and silver are going up, or staying flat, or even going down. This is a long-term strategy for me, and my goal is financial security. I don’t own gold for the purpose of profits, short-term gain, or even necessarily because of medium-term forecasts, like a national-debt induced period of stagflation which I’ve written about in the past. Instead, my motivation for investing in gold is far more humble.

Why We Absolutely Need the 1%


The 1%’ isn’t just a little group of evil international financiers who produce nothing besides wars and evil, maniacal laughs. No, the top 1% includes the top 1-2 million most successful and productive people in the country. And that’s why they’re so rich in the first place. I regularly read a rant or off-hand comment by some angry leftist saying “we don’t need the 1%”. This is a sickening philosophy, and would be hilarious, if only the world wasn’t convinced

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