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3 Unbelievable Food Stamp Statistics in America

Food stamps cover steak, lobster, and caviar. Yesterday, I made an image to post on Facebook explaining this, and it went viral. As of right now, almost 2,000 people have shared it, and plenty of people have reacted in anger, explaining that I hate the poor. I’ve deleted several comments telling me to go to Hell, telling me I’m a Nazi, and telling me I hate babies. This is, of course, absurd. But let’s ignore the angry rhetoric and look

Obamacare: When Tyranny is Constitutional

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on SCOTUSblog at 10:08 a.m, ET. “The individual mandate survives as a tax.” In those seven words, Amy Howe, the SCOTUSblog reporter who typed the entry, informed the world that Congress now has the “constitutionally” protected power to deny individuals their right to choose whether to participate in the health insurance market. I was shocked. I was expecting the Court to take a middle-of-the road approach by striking down the individual mandate (and

Economics is Not a Zero-Sum Game

By Jason Hughey, Capitalism Institute staff writer _____________________________________________________________________________ All around us, we are surrounded by competition.  One of the most obvious examples of this competition is in the sports world.  A couple weeks ago, the L.A. Kings just won the Stanley Cup finals in a surprising upset over the New Jersey Devils.  Even more recently,  the NBA world was focused on the Finals match up between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The MLB is in full swing for those who are disappointed that

This is What’s Wrong With American Leftists

Barack Obama

The philosophy of leftism requires a complete departure from anything resembling reason. It makes no economic sense, no philosophical sense, no religious sense, and no scientific sense. Leftism requires double standards, inconsistency, hypocrisy, and “doublethink”. This isn’t popular, of course. We’ve been led to believe that libertarians are paranoid, conservatives are ignorant, and that leftists are the enlightened ones — a glorious gift dumped on our society by the superior minds of the Marxist college professors of the world. But

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