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Property Rights 101: The Foundation Of Capitalism Explained


The foundation of capitalism is property. Every non-capitalist system requires violating property rights. Socialism steals almost all property, the nanny-state bans some property and regulates others, the welfare system steals and gives away property, and cronyism both steals and regulates property in a way that makes the corrupt rich; all violations of capitalism requires violating

Rand Paul: Freeze Spending, Cut Taxes, Balance The Budget

rand paul

Rand Paul is one of the strongest voices for liberty in DC. He has the unique ability of uniting both conservatives and libertarians rather than alienating one group completely. This gives him the great ideas of strong free-market views mixed with the ability to actually make a dent in how things are done. Here’s a

Rand Paul: Where The [Blank] Were The Marines?

Rand Paul needs to get angry more often, because this is pure gold. I hope more people begin to see that Rand is dead right. Let’s stop the politically correct bullcrap and start asking real questions about our foreign policy, Libya, and eventually Pakistan and Egypt. My favorite line: “If he says the buck stops

The Differences Between Conservatives And Libertarians


I adhere to a very different viewpoint than my conservative friends. But still, we often are in agreement on politics. In fact, since Obama has been in office, most of my attention has been focusing on Obama’s failures, and this has led to more agreement with conservatives than ever — though this could change if

Who Is a Libertarian?

tea party protest

Those of us who favor individual freedom with personal responsibility have been unable to agree upon a generally acceptable name for ourselves and our philosophy of liberty. This would be relatively unimportant except for the fact that the opposition will call us by some name, even though we might not desire to be identified by

CEO Rants to Employees: If Obama Wins, You Might Get Fired

The following is a message that David Siegel, Founder and CEO of WestGate resorts, sent to his employees. This letter took guts, and it’s true. Obama’s policies will lead to people getting fired. It will be more expensive to hire employees, and that means less will happen. This is economically¬†unavoidable. So good for him to

We Should Be Proud To Be Radicals


Just a few minutes ago, someone loudly left our Facebook page, saying we were too “extreme” because we used the phrase “huge issues” when talking about flaws within the GOP. In other words, they thought using those two words was just crossing the line when it comes to the GOP. They believed that being moderate

Do You Secretly Hate The Rich?

carpet wine

We’re all just wasting our time until we finally work up the “politically incorrect” courage to say that economic bigotry isn’t something we should tolerate from anyone, whether they’re conservative, liberal, libertarian, or anything else. Economic bigotry is so common, it’s seeped into the rhetoric even of the capitalists who supposedly embrace every economic “class”.

Obama Bribes Defense Companies To BREAK Law

obama arrogant

In the past, Obama has flagrantly violated the law and has essentially led a campaign to undermine the constitution. He has ignored congress, passed legislation through executive orders, and has even taken over corporations. But now, he has “accomplished” what is likely the most corrupt scandal so far in his presidency. He has told defense

Urgent: Obama’s Angry Race Speech Surfaces

obama fraud

A new video has emerged today revealing what many have claimed all along: Obama is an angry racist who wants to use the redistribution of wealth to fix problems from “300 years ago”. Racial lines are drawn in the speech, and he’s angry. He also speaks with a strong accent that he has carefully deleted

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