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Share This: Obama Wants $1.6 Trillion Tax, Infinite Debt Limit


The Obama administration isn’t even remotely trying to negotiate the fiscal cliff away. He wants to go over the cliff for political gain, and then claim that it was caused by the GOP which only cares about rich people. The strategy is simple, obvious, and effective. It seems to be working. For evidence, just look at how preposterous his recent proposal was. He sent in Tim Geithner, his Treasury Secretary, to talk to GOP leadership. What does the Obama administration

New UN Treaty Creates New Power Over Parents [Please Share]

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The UN has had a busy couple of months. They’ve attacked our gun rights, they’ve called for the overturn of different states choosing to legalize marijuana, and they’ve tried to regulate our own elections. The UN is one of the most corrupt, incoherent, nasty organizations on earth. It’s essentially the first step in a global government system fundamentally unaccountable to the people. It should be abolished. It’s getting so bad that right now, it’s driving libertarians and far-right social conservatives like Rick Santorum to

This Viral Letter Explains Why Hobby Lobby is Risking Everything to Fight Obamacare

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Editor’s Note: The following is a message from David Green, Hobby Lobby’s CEO, explaining why they’re suing Obama because of Obamacare. Hopefully, more CEOs will stand up and sue the federal government for this attack on religious and economic liberty. The original version of this Open-Editorial was published in USA Today. An earlier version of this page mistakenly attributed two paragraphs to David Green in error — they’ve been removed. What follows is the full text of his editorial: “When

Petraeus Bombshell: The Administration Censored The Benghazi Truth


The Benghazi terror attacks were a concerted, organized attack by terror cells on the United States. It happened on 9/11 of 2012. It was, in a sense, the second volley of 9/11. Only this time, Mr. Obama was president, and he betrayed us all every step of the way, intentionally, for weeks. This is the true story of the Benghazi terror attacks. Our readers will note that through the month of September, we were beside ourselves with the way the administration handled

When Obamacare Fails, They’ll Blame The “Free Market”


Healthcare is already one of the most regulated and subsidized industries on earth. Everything is regulated from who can do what, to when it can be done, to how it can be done, to who can be sued depending on what happens. Some people get it for free, some people don’t. Insurance is heavily regulated as well. If you live in State A, then you can’t buy insurance from State B. That inherently drives the price up and the quality

Secession: 34,000+ Americans Petition For Secession


Could the South rise again? It feels surreal even to type those words. Over 34,000+ people have signed a petition on, demanding secession from the federal government. You can read and sign the petition here. The only question, of course… would it work? Or are our problems more fundamental than a “quick divorce” from the federal government? We’ve written about secession before, mostly for fun, in our Why Did The South Secede? article. It’s a topic that horrifies many

UN Gun Grab: What You Need To Know (Please Share)

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Within hours of president Obama winning reelection, the United States signaled to the UN that we wanted to begin talks about an international gun control treaty. The general argument was that we needed to stop bad guys from getting guns, so everyone should sign a treaty regulating firearms. They promised, however, that it wouldn’t impact us — they promise! Just those international arms dealers. Here’s the text of the treaty. Those of us who believe in the Second Amendment know

This is Why Obama Won The Election

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It’s important to understand that Barack Obama is not the problem all by himself. People who think he’s some kind of genius who is single-handedly bringing tyranny to America are giving him far too much credit. Obama is just a symptom. Nothing more. And he’s only one symptom of many. He’s just a symptom of the disease of “statism”, or the religious devotion that people have for government. They believe that their government is magical, and that it can ignore the

Ignorance: The Government Is Causing Gas Shortages In NYC


The ultimate politically-incorrect “evil” business practice is “price gouging”. The idea is that some wicked small businessmen raise prices during a crisis, and that this is horrible because they make extra money. Why is that horrible? Because nobody should be able to make money when things are rough, claim the politically correct camp. This outrage, of course, ignores essentially everything about economics. The result? Huge gas lines and gas shortages all over NY City. Price “gouging” makes it more profitable for gas

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