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Video: Ted Nugent Destroys Piers Morgan On Gun Control

Piers Morgan

Ted Nugent is a corny guy, but he loves the Second Amendment. Piers Morgan is easily the most annoying personality on any major news network. But this exchange was absolutely priceless. The two argue over the right to keep and bear arms, and it becomes obvious that Pierce’s only response are the vague arguments he’s

The UK Banned Handguns… Handgun Crime DOUBLED

governor gun

There’s an old expression that “those who forget history are bound to repeat it”. There is no arena where this is more true than with the issue of gun control, gun bans, and analyzing crime. Every form of gun control has been tried in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. And the laws

Are “Assault Weapons” Really a Constitutional Right? Heck Yes.

come and take it

There has been hotly renewed debate recently about gun control, and whether a gun ban would have saved lives in the Connecticut tragedy. Considering the school where the shooting occurred actually banned guns, another gun ban probably would have failed completely. But there’s another angle to the gun control debate that hasn’t received nearly as much attention as

5 Facts Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To Know

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Gun control is one of the most open-and-shut topics I’ve ever run across. All of the data supports a well-armed society. All of it. It doesn’t work, it doesn’t reduce crime, it doesn’t reduce violence, it doesn’t save lives — it just fails. It’s never worked in Europe, in the US, in Canada, in Asia, or anywhere else. The

Thirty Pieces of Silver: The Left-Libertarian Alliance


Ashley Rae Goldenberg is an economics major at George Mason University. She is the author of the blog CommunismKills, a popular anti-left blog which has led to her becoming a target to thousands of death threats, stalking, and other behavior typical of the “tolerant” left. The children of the counter-revolutionary “hippies” are starting to rear

How To Stop School Shootings: “Let Teachers Shoot Back”


On December 14th, a young man with a very broken mind decided to kill his mother, several other adults, and dozens of little children. He did this by stealing his mother’s guns, shooting her, driving to a school, forcing his way in, and then shooting the innocent little ones until he decided to finally kill

This Picture Shows What’s Wrong With Government “Charity”


People love to claim that if you don’t support their brand of socialism, then you hate poor people, are racist, are sexist, and are the general embodiment of everything wrong with society. The truth, of course, is the exact opposite. The best thing possible for the poor is for us to shift money from welfare

Why Is Obama Arming The Muslim Brotherhood?


The Obama administration seems to be content to be wrong about almost everything. Gun control, environmental regulations, increasing taxes, increasing spending, increasing debt, violating federalism, etc. You name it, and they’re probably wrong about it. But now, even the Obama administration is hitting a point where anyone with any common sense can tell that something

5 Lies the Government Continues to Tell You About Social Security


Two days ago, 87 House Democrats sent a letter to John Boehner about Social Security.  Apparently, they were concerned that Republicans might try to use Social Security funding as a bargaining chip throughout the fiscal cliff negotiations this month.  Consequently, they wanted to let Speaker Boehner know about the concerns that they have for the

Taxing The Internet: Congress Pushes For “Online Sales Tax”

John McCain

There is no sleep for the weary. Every day now, a brand new broadside attack on liberty and property is occurring around the world. We’re struggling here at CI to even keep up with the news, much less fight each attack. But it’s important to stay constantly vigilant  to never stop fighting every single attack, and

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