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Video: Rand Paul Proposes Bill to Stop Sending F16s to Egypt


Rand Paul promised yesterday that he would introduce a bill to stop sending F16s and expensive Abrams tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt, and today, Rand made good on that promise. Remember, right now we’re sending our sophisticated weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is in the middle of a world campaign for

Pictures: Anti-Gun Police Accidentally Start a Huge Gun Show

come and take it

In what will probably be one of the funnier stories of the year, the Seattle Police accidentally started a gun show while they were trying to “get guns off the streets”. They staged a “gun buyback” program where they offered small gift cards to people willing to “turn in” their guns. The only problem? Gun

Over 60% of Americans Pledge to DEFY a Federal Gun Ban

seattle gun buyback

A new survey of over a thousand voters reveals that over 60% of Americans will defy any gun ban. That’s right — defy. Not just protest, not just disagree with, but actually defy. This news is coming on the heels of an earlier announcement by the Utah Sheriffs’ Association claiming that they would be willing

Is Obama Firing Generals Not Willing to Kill Americans?

obama fraud

Last week, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association promised to defend the constitution even to the death — if necessary. Thousands of Americans have pledged to ignore gun registration requirements in New York alone. And millions of Americans are openly discussing the possibility of secession. We live in surreal times. But this isn’t one-sided. Now, Obama is

Utah Sheriffs: We’ll Defend 2nd Amendment to the Death

utah sheriffs' assocation

The Utah Sheriffs’ Association has made massive national waves by announcing in no uncertain terms that they will ignore an Obama gun ban, arrest anyone who tries to enforce it, and defend to the bloody death the historical, traditional interpretation of the Second Amendment to the constitution. Direct quote: “We are prepared to trade our lives for the

Video: Rand Paul Smacks Hillary Down


Hillary Clinton is a known liar and fraud. We now know she was essentially part of a cover-up in the federal government that lied about Benghazi. We know she could be prosecuted. Rather than admit our foreign policy is creating more terrorists, Hillary and friends claimed the Benghazi and Egyptian murders were just a response

Hillary Busted For Benghazi Lies… Says It Doesn’t Matter

hillary crying

Hillary Clinton wants to rule the world and she doesn’t care if people die on her way up the political ladder. It’s that simple. She wants power, she wants a small elite calling the shots, and she doesn’t care if anyone else knows what’s going on or not. And she’s made that clear. Earlier today,

Report: Labor Unions Are Collapsing; 400,000 Members Leave

communism kills

Membership in labor unions is in the middle of a free fall as more and more people realize that unions are generally a government-created scam. An uncle of mine recently visited, and explained how he was forced to pay thousands of dollars a year to his “union” in order to keep his job up north.

More F-16s Being Shipped to Muslim Brotherhood [Share This]

obama terrorism

While the media has been going on a 24-7 Obama-glory festival, dumping any attempt to pretend to be “non-biased” because of the inauguration, Obama has finally finished a project he’s been talking about for almost a year… sending taxpayer-funded F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood. At least four F16 fighter jets are on their way

Independent Women: 3 Facts About Gun-Owning Women


The media likes to claim that guns are just expensive toys for immature men. People care only about guns because they’re fun to shoot, they go boom, and we watch a lot of movies. Right? Wrong. Millions of women own guns and use them to stop an untold number of crimes, whether it’s murder, robbery, sexual

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