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White House Threatens Bob Woodward: “You’ll Regret This”

bob woodward

Bob Woodward, the famous journalist behind the Nixon “Deepthroat” scandal decades ago, has been on the warpath, but this time, Obama is the one who is the target. Woodward is known for having intricate access to key political figures. Unfortunately, he apparently hasn’t been drinking the Kool-Aid, leading him to be despised by would-be dictators

The Real Unemployment Rate is Worse Than Reported

not hiring

There are lies, big lies, and then there are statistics. Perhaps worst of all, there are government statistics. Trusting the government to be honest about the economy is like trusting the fox to be honest about guarding the hen house — it’s a recipe for eventual disaster. When Obama took office, the unemployment rate was

Stop Hating the Rich


I’m tired of hearing people talk about how the rich game the system and take all of our money. Certainly, corporate welfare and cronyism play a part of the present injustices in society. It’s evil and it has to stop. But this general hatred of the rich and of their wealth absolutely has to go.

Report: People Abusing Welfare, Getting 7k in Food Stamps

ebt card

One of the most mind-boggling problems in America is the outright denial so many statists have about welfare abuse. I personally know people who are gaming the system in order to get as much as possible while working at little as possible. Talk to anyone who works at a grocery store, and you’ll hear horror

Rand Paul: Obama’s Scare Tactics “Untrue, Unfair, Dishonest”

rand paul

Most of the news is currently drenched with protests to “drastic” cuts to the government. Some are calling it suicide. So how bad are the cuts? Only 3% of projected increases… spending will never actually go down. Rand Paul has some strong words for Obama, as everyone should watch in the video below. Here’s a

Viral Video: Piers Morgan Destroyed By Two Pro-Gun Women

piers morgan gun control

Piers Morgan seems to enjoy debating gun control even though he’s made it abundantly clear he doesn’t know anything about the topic. He’s been destroyed by everyone from Larry Pratt from the Gun Owners of America to Ted Nugent. Morgan apparently can’t get enough. In the video below, Morgan tries to debate with two women,

The Feds Are Disarming Some Veterans Without Explanation

vietnam vets

The following has been written by¬†Michael Connelly, J.D., the Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation. Below, he explains how the VA is threatening some veterans with prison if they purchase guns or ammunition — without explaining what the reasoning is, or by what authority they have this “power”.¬† How would you feel if

Rand Paul’s Office Gives $600,000 BACK to the Government

rand paul

Rand Paul only has full control over one part of the federal government… the money they give him to run his senate office. And he just announced that he’s giving over $600,000 BACK to the federal treasury with money he saved this last year alone. This means he’s not just talking big — he’s taking

Nancy Pelosi Says Cutting Her Pay Violates Her “Dignity”


Nancy Pelosi is the embodiment of almost everything wrong with statism. Economically ignorant, resentful, elitist, and completely clueless on every level. There are a lot of reasons why central economic planning doesn’t work, and she’s up there on the list. She also thinks that even talking about cutting her pay — while millions of Americans

Full Text: Rand Paul’s Response to the State of the Union

rand paul

As we announced two days ago, Rand Paul gave his own response to Obama’s State of the Union address, in addition to the GOP’s official address with Marco Rubio. This means that Rand Paul is starting to challenge the establishment of both parties, though he is generally seen as an ally of Rubio. A lot

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