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Report: Over 47,000,000 Americans Are Now on Food Stamps

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We’ve repeatedly said in the past that we don’t believe there is an attempt to actually “fix” the economy. It’s not in the interest of Obama to “fix” the economy. He gains more when people are poor, hungry, and desperate. The more they need the state, the more they are willing to give him power, and the more his class warfare rhetoric “works”. That’s one reason of thousands behind why Marxism and socialism always fail. The people in power have

Piers Morgan’s Ratings Collapse After Gun-Bashing Rants

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You can chalk one up for poetic justice: Piers Morgan’s ratings are doing horrible, and he can no longer brag of being even one of the top personalities on CNN. This means that even on CNN, he’s no longer a strong contender. This embarrassment for CNN and for Morgan both. Remember, Morgan was able to give himself a nice little boost during the aftermath of the Sandy Hook massacre. His tactic was simple… publicly, loudly, and obnoxiously insult and lie

Why Government Worshipers Constantly Use the Race Card


One of the most common accusations I’ve heard — literally thousands of times — is that I must hate black people because I don’t like Obama. It doesn’t seem to matter to these people that I was upset at Bush for spending, taxing, and blowing stuff up. It doesn’t seem to matter to these people that I couldn’t stand the sight of Clinton. No, these people don’t care about any of that. They think I’m racist because I don’t like

Rand Paul: We’re Going to Filibuster the Gun Control Bill

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Several weeks ago, Rand Paul staged one of the most powerful and definitely the most viral filibuster in American history. He stood his ground for 13 hours, demanding an answer to a simple question the Obama administration refused to answer: does the Obama administration believe it has the right to kill non-combatant US citizens on American soil? This heroic stand led to a 50 point swing in how people viewed droning American citizens. That’s because Rand Paul isn’t just a conservative

Sick of Crime, Arizona Group Gives Out Free Shotguns


We’ve been posting so much bad news, we dug around until we found something that was actually remarkably positive. This fits the bill. An Arizona group has grown so sick of crime, they’ve taken matters into their own hands, and are now raising funds to give away free shotguns to people who life in dangerous areas. Remember, there’s only one way to stop a gunman. And that’s with self-defense. People who are attacking others aren’t stupid, they’re just depraved. For most, the

White House: Yes, Obamcare Made Insurance More Expensive


Health insurance costs are skyrocketing, with insurance companies and small businesses around America struggling to make the numbers even work at all. An untold number of small businesses are going to sink because of Obamacare. There’s no telling how many jobs will be destroyed or stopped from being created because of this bureaucratic nightmare. In fact, insurance premiums are already increasing even in anticipation of Obamacare finally being the law of the land. So far, Obamacare has been a collasal failure. We

Video: Greg Gutfeld Destroys Anti-Gun Jim Carrey in Epic Rant

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Jim Carrey has made millions of dollars making a complete fool of himself in front of the world in order to get a few laughs. Apparently, he’s deciding to do the same thing in the political sphere by saying that gun owners aren’t “worth protecting”, mocking American hero Charlton Heston, and publishing a video that attacks rural gun owners. You can see what else he did here. It’s all disgusting and shameful, even for Hollywood. Greg Gutfeld is is a libertarian personality

Good News: Senate Votes “NO” on UN Gun Ban Treaty

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First, the assault weapons ban effectually died in the Senate when it was divorced from the main Democrat anti-gun bill. It’s virtually certain that the ban is going to die without a chance of making it to law. That was the first pro-gun victory. Now, the Senate voted “no” on the UN gun ban treaty by supporting an amendment that rejects a UN gun ban treaty. This is simply wonderful news, because any kind of move toward UN gun control

Genius: This is How Rand Paul Would Balance the Budget

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Quite frankly, Rand Paul’s budget plan is beautiful. The Democrats would likely rather die before passing it, and people like McCain and Boehner would probably switch parties before passing it, but it’s still a beautiful plan. The budget ends the deficit within 5 years. It abolishes Obamacare. It abolished the Department of Commerce. It privatizes the TSA. It approves the Keystone Pipeline. It eliminates the Department of Education while keeping Pell grants in place. In the end, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Rand Paul: Not Another Penny to Anti-American Regimes

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One of my favorite things about Rand Paul is that he cares about ending our destructive “foreign aid” program. It’s a misleading label. Our “foreign aid” is essentially when we give cash and weapons to the most evil people on the planet, like Obama’s $250 million in “aid” given to Egypt’s tyrannical “Muslim Brotherhood” leadership. This is one thing Rand Paul seems to care about, unlike almost everyone else in DC. And he should care about it, for an obvious historical reason:

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