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betterdeadCapitalism Institute was founded in 2011 by Shaun Connell. Our mission is to provide a simple, comprehensive resource for individuals who are trying to learn more about natural law, Austrian economics, and current events. We strongly believe in free markets, property rights, contract enforcement, currency competition, low taxation, and peace.

We believe in free markets with a limited government that exist to protect the property rights and enforce the contracts of the individuals under their jurisdictions. We’re against welfare, subsidies, income taxes,¬†tariffs, fiat currency, and nearly every other political weapon used for manipulating the market. In a word, our belief system is “capitalism”. To learn what we mean by “capitalism”, read this introductory guide.

We don’t accept donations. We operate entirely on volunteer work and revenue from advertisements. Our goal is to never become dependent on a single donor or source in order to maintain independence and integrity.

While much is discussed about economics from a subjective and non-theistic view, Capitalism Institute also is attempting to discuss government from a traditional Christian background in addition to the more common secular arguments.

Many,¬†unfortunately, believe that a belief in God and Christianity should lead one to becoming a member of the “Christian left” or of a “moral right” movements. Nothing could be further from the truth. As explained here, a proper application of the philosophy of Christ leads to peace and liberty.

In addition to covering economic and political philosophy from a religious background, Capitalism Institute also covers controversial historical events with the goal of revealing what really¬†occurred. For example, we’ve covered Why the South Seceded and What Ended the Great Depression. Future articles will discuss WWI, WWII, the War in Iraq, as well as other famous political and economic events.

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