Legislation Introduced in Arizona to Nullify Obama’s Gun Control

February 8, 2014

Arizona is simply refusing to step aside while the federal government runs rampant with unconstitutional laws.

They recently moved to effectively “nullify” the National Security Agency’s unconstitutional spying within their borders. The federal government cannot legally force a state to use its resources to enforce or support federal laws or agencies. Without help from the states — be it personnel or funds — the federal government simply does not have the resources to successfully enforce its agenda.

Arizona is now using this same tactic to “nullify” federal gun control laws. The Second Amendment Preservation Act deems any law in violation of the Second Amendment “invalid and void.”

Breitbart reports:

Arizona state senator Kelli Ward (R-Lake Havasu City) has been joined by various co-sponsors in putting forth the the Second Amendment Preservation Act: an act that considers any federal laws “invalid and void” in Arizona if said laws infringe on the Second Amendment.

FreedomOutpost.com posted the text of the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would not only nullify overreaching federal gun laws within the state of Arizona but would also prevent agents of the state from participating in their enforcement.

The bill specifically bars “an agency or political subdivision of [Arizona] or an employee of an agency or political subdivision  of [Arizona] acting in the employee’s official capacity or a corporation providing services on behalf of [Arizona] or a political subdivision of [Arizona]” from “[enforcing] any federal act, law, order, rule or regulation that relates to a personal firearm, firearm accessory, or ammunition within the limits of [Arizona].”

According to the Examiner.com, senator Ward explained the need for his bill thus: “We’ve sat back and allowed the federal government to trample the constitution long enough. We’re going to pass this bill and stop the state of Arizona from helping the feds violate your rights.”

This method of combating downright tyrannical laws was crafted by the Tenth Amendment Center and it is both “legal and effective.” Many other states have used the same or similar models to “nullify” various arms of government overreach:

We can expect to see this list grow longer as at least ten more states are expected to take action of their own this year. Help us spread the word by sharing this article on Facebook and Twitter.

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