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BREAKING: Border Patrol Agents Confirm Their Hours Are Being Cut [WATCH INTERVIEW]


Every day, Obama’s administration hits new lows in their dedicated push to destroy the US border and undermine national security. While Congress does nothing, more and more others are finally stepping up with the truth and are pushing back. Rick Perry is sending troops to the border, multiple generals have publicly challenged Obama, and now

BREAKING: Hobby Lobby DEFEATS Obamacare at Supreme Court [DETAILS]


It was just announced: the Supreme Court just read their ruling on the Hobby Lobby case where the national arts and crafts store sued the federal government in order to strike down part of Obamacare that deals with forced insurance coverage for birth control. Hobby Lobby claimed that the birth control violated their religious views

BREAKING: Mexican Military FIRES on US Border Patrol


Things at the border between Mexico and the United States have been tense lately with an incredible influx of illegals crossing into the country. This has prompted states like Texas to create their own armed border security troopers on the front line to curb the problem. Now it seems things are getting even more intense,

[VIDEO] Navy SEAL Rips Obama… Drops Koran on Ground


Islam is one of the most destructive forces in the history of civilization. It uses the power of religion to control, oppress, and enslave millions of people around the globe. It’s the leading cause of sexual assault, abuse of women, religious intolerance, and the violation of human rights. This is part of the reason NC

BREAKING: Kansas Passes Law Nullifying Gun Control


The Governor of Kansas recently signed into law a bill that nullifies local gun control laws, bringing uniformity to the state’s gun laws, similar to a law recently passed in West Virginia. The law also greatly expands on the places that allow the carrying of a firearm, similar to Georgia’s “guns everywhere” law. With support

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Barack Obama is an “Outright Coward” [VIDEO]

Obama and Hillary Benghazi

We know that President Obama knew that Benghazi was a terrorist attack right away, and not an out of control protest.  Yet, he didn’t monitor the attack in the situation room, and he didn’t send any reinforcements or a rescue operation, despite the attack lasting more than seven hours. No help was sent to Benghazi,

Rand Paul: Trey Gowdy Needs to Go After Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]


Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State at the time of the Benghazi terrorist attacks, and therefore must be held responsible for what did and didn’t happen under her watch.  She was also the first to publicly lie about a video and protest being to blame for the attack. She has already appeared before Congress

Trey Gowdy Will Get the “Strongest Authority Possible”

Gowdy uncovering the truth

Most Americans think that President Obama and his administration are covering up Benghazi.  This thought is fueled by things like the White House refusing to release certain documents, or the State Department refusing to allow survivors of the attack to testify before Congress. But perhaps that will change now, as Trey Gowdy has been named

Nearly 80% of Colorado Sheriffs File Lawsuit Against Anti-Gun Laws [VIDEO]


Last year, Democrats in Colorado pushed through restrictive gun control legislation, against the wishes of the majority of Colorado citizens.  The people responded by recalling and removing from office two of the legislators that were key to the law’s passage. The law has also received quite a bit of resistance from law enforcement in Colorado,

Judge Jeanine: Impeach Obama for Defrauding America [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine

Former prosecutor and judge Jeanine Pirro has never been one to hold back what she really feels in her opening monologues on her Fox News show Justice with Judge Jeanine. She has said that President Obama’s “contract” with America is “null and void”, demanded that he return his Nobel Peace Prize after he threatened war

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