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10 Reasons “Common Core” is a Bad Idea (PICTURES)

common core

Common Core is a disaster. Kids hate it, teachers hate it, parents hate it, and now even the states are starting to hate it. Indiana just recently pulled out. It’s a political power move by those who want to centralize control of schooling into the hands of a handful of bureaucrats and “experts” to rule over the rest of us. A new documentary was launched yesterday that completely exposes Common Core for what it is, and everyone should watch it.

VICTORY: Indiana First State to Pull Out of “Common Core”

indiana capitol

Several months ago, Tea Party favorite Allen West said, “Common Core is the Obamacare of education.” He’s right. It uses a top-down approach to education that cedes power to the centralized governments rather than individual teachers. Because of this centralization of power, the “standards” were politically correct, educationally destructive, and gravely damaging the education of America’s children. As a response, Indiana has just become the first state to withdraw from Common Core. They were one of 45 states to adapt

BREAKING: Democrats Just Lost the First Election Battle of 2014


In the first election results of 2014, Republican David Jolly has defeated Democrat Alex Sink even though he was outspent dramatically by Democrats and Unions who have poured massive amounts of money into the race. This is just a sign of more to come. People hate Obamacare, and that’s leading to The Tea Party and America in general are rising up to take back congress and to put people in there who will listen to us rather than try to

BREAKING: Rand Paul Wins CPAC Presidential Poll

Rand Paul Wins Kentucky Senate Seat

Tea Party Senator Rand Paul has easily won the CPAC presidential straw poll, showing that he’s the favorite candidate among conservative activists for 2016. Please SHARE. Rand Paul is personally suing Obama, made a 13-hour filibuster for the constitution, is pushing to audit the Federal Reserve, and even chewed out Hillary Clinton on national TV. His popularity seems to be growing. In the end, we need more Senators and Congressmen like Rand Paul. It’s time to send home the establishment

Allen West: Prosecute Lois Lerner For “Contempt of Congress”

allen west

We’ve still got more questions than answers as we continue to delve into Obama’s IRS scandal.  The “most transparent administration in history” is still keeping a tight lid on information regarding who knew about the targeting of conservative groups and when. The media has shown that it will go to any lengths necessary to cover for Obama.  They dedicated over 1,700% more coverage in one day to attacking Chris Christie over “Bridgegate” than they gave the IRS scandal in six

BREAKING: Georgia Officially Demands a “Convention of the States” to Stop Obama

It’s finally happening. Several weeks ago, Georgia’s House voted for a resolution to bring about a “Convention of the States” to stop Obama and end the growth of federal tyranny. Now, the state has officially demanded that it does happen. This is the first official demand in American history. This could be the great political shift that stops out of control federal taxing, spending, and regulating. Term limits, balanced budgets, tax caps — it’s all now possible if enough states

BREAKING: CNN Just Cancelled Piers Morgan’s Show

piers morgan

Piers Morgan is one of the most pro-tyranny voices with any presence on news media, but that just changed. He’s losing his TV show on CNN after his ratings continued to get worse almost by the month for years. His incoherent, irrational, partisan, anti-constitution, anti-American ramblings will soon come to a close. He has spent several years making a small fortune attacking the constitution, the Bill of Rights, freedom of religion, the right to keep and bear arms, and everything

REBELLION: Hundreds of Thousands Refuse to Register Guns in Connecticut


Up to 350,000 American citizens have chosen to ignore the new anti-gun laws in Connecticut, effectively becoming “felons” under state law. Rather than register or turn in any of their firearms, they’re simply ignoring the law and defending the Constitution of the United States. Civil disobedience is one of the most powerful ways of fighting tyranny, because it shows to the world that the only cause of the pain isn’t you — it’s those using force against you. The Second

Barack Obama Literally Says, “I Can Do Whatever I Want”


Did we need more confirmation that Obama thinks he’s a king?  And why wouldn’t he think so?  The liberals in the media are certainly willing to let him be one. The president who should be impeached for threatening Congress with unconstitutional executive orders is now proudly claiming, “I can do whatever I want.”  Disgusting. When giving socialist French president Francois Hollande a tour of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville, Virginia, Obama went off script to check out the view from Jefferson’s terrace, remarking that “doing

Billy Graham: “Hope and Change” Were Clichés to Kill Liberty

billy graham

Barack Obama’s campaign strategy is simple: to dramatically grow the government in every area of life, he would need to do it while sounding like a “moderate” rather than the radical statist that he is. It almost worked… but now people are starting to finally realize what’s happening before it’s too late. The states are rebelling, sheriffs are rebelling, and polls show people are realizing the truth about government. Even Billy Graham cut through Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogans with

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