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Doctor Radically Lowers Costs… Gets Attacked By Liberals


According to liberals, you are pretty dumb. Of course, that’s great for them because then they get to figure out how they can make you smarter. It’s funny how that works out for them, isn’t it? Well, another liberal statist is at it again. In her article, “Can you really choose a hospital based on price?” Trudy Lieberman takes a swing at the Oklahama Surgery Center, which is managed by Dr. Keith Smith. In the article, Lieberman claims that the Oklahoma Surgery

Stop Hating the Rich


I’m tired of hearing people talk about how the rich game the system and take all of our money. Certainly, corporate welfare and cronyism play a part of the present injustices in society. It’s evil and it has to stop. But this general hatred of the rich and of their wealth absolutely has to go. I keep hearing people complain that the rich have gamed the system and taken everything from us. They are out to get the middle class,

Gun Facts Obama Doesn’t Want You To Know

obama yells

Obama just finished his press conference on guns. It was completely insane and uninformed, as anyone with a background in firearms or the criminology can attest. He proposed everything from over 20 executive orders to requests for all-out bans on some guns. He wants to ban “assault weapons”, ban magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, force all gun sellers to require a background check, and he even is trying to use Obamacare to tackle gun rights. The entire move

5 Lies the Government Continues to Tell You About Social Security


Two days ago, 87 House Democrats sent a letter to John Boehner about Social Security.  Apparently, they were concerned that Republicans might try to use Social Security funding as a bargaining chip throughout the fiscal cliff negotiations this month.  Consequently, they wanted to let Speaker Boehner know about the concerns that they have for the well-being of the American people who are relying upon the “promise” of Social Security.   In reality, the letter re-stated some age-old lies about Social

Is World War III Next?


Disclaimer: Absolutely nothing in this article is a prediction of things to come.  However, I am absolutely shocked by how eerily history is repeating itself in our time.  We are living through one of the most fascinating periods of civilization, and not only that, we have a blueprint from the past that has so far, been quite closely emulated in the current epoch.  Time will either prove the following words to be mere chatter…or something more.  What that “something more”

Austrian Economics in Real Life

By Jason Hughey, Capitalism Institute staff writer ______________________________________ As I noted in my last article, Austrian economics begins with the axiom of human action.  From this, it derives its analytical approach of methodological action.  When applied to the actual study of economics, this means that Austrians like to get at the root of the matter by understanding the impact of economic phenomena upon the individual and the impact that the individual has on economic phenomena. In this article, I will present some

The 5 Basic Principles of Austrian Economics

What is the Austrian School of economics?  If you’re even slightly familiar with this school, you’ve probably heard of economists such as Hayek and Mises.  If you’ve done more than cursory research, you’ve also probably come across some thoughts by Murray Rothbard, Israel Kirzner, and Carl Menger.  You might be aware of some interesting insights into the Austrian theory of the business cycle, the study of human action, the concept of “deciding at the margin,” Austrian theories of banking, or

Obamacare: When Tyranny is Constitutional

I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on SCOTUSblog at 10:08 a.m, ET. “The individual mandate survives as a tax.” In those seven words, Amy Howe, the SCOTUSblog reporter who typed the entry, informed the world that Congress now has the “constitutionally” protected power to deny individuals their right to choose whether to participate in the health insurance market. I was shocked. I was expecting the Court to take a middle-of-the road approach by striking down the individual mandate (and

Economics is Not a Zero-Sum Game

By Jason Hughey, Capitalism Institute staff writer _____________________________________________________________________________ All around us, we are surrounded by competition.  One of the most obvious examples of this competition is in the sports world.  A couple weeks ago, the L.A. Kings just won the Stanley Cup finals in a surprising upset over the New Jersey Devils.  Even more recently,  the NBA world was focused on the Finals match up between the Miami Heat and the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The MLB is in full swing for those who are disappointed that

How to Learn Economics


A lot of people are easily confused about economics.  I talked about some of the misconceptions that produce such confusion in my previous article, “This is Not the Study of Economics.”  However, the good news is that economics does not have to be as hard as it seems.  In fact, once one becomes exposed to economics as it was meant to be understood, it can be the most explicitly clear and intellectually invigorating of all of the social sciences. Why?

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