Where To Buy Gold And Silver Online

April 3, 2013

When paper money dies, precious metals skyrocket. In fact, this is why Thomas Jefferson once wrote to a friend that, “Paper is poverty… it is only the ghost of money.” Those holding gold, silver, and other metals will see their wealth stand strong rather than erode quickly. This is why governments have to use force to keep their paper money in circulation — without laws and regulations, gold and silver would be used as money, and the government couldn’t print their way out of any budget problem.

Many, including myself, believe it’s inevitable that paper money will give away and gold and silver will once again be the means of exchange used — money. Even now, banks and politicians around the world are openly discussing a return to the gold standard — something that has helped the price of gold and silver explode over the last decade.

So how can you prepare pre-preemptively and buy gold and silver? You can buy from a local dealer which is often more expensive, you can go online, or you can do what I like, and sign up for SilverSaver.com, which is essentially a savings account for people who want to “save” money in metal form — gold and silver — rather than just rely on the Federal Reserve to control the value of their savings. Not a bad plan.

Why I Use SilverSaver.com

Well over a year ago, I stumbled across their website and was hooked. I’ve been buying every other week from them ever since. The concept is brilliant, and I can’t believe no one had thought of it before. You automatically set up a small amount of money that will regularly be sent to your SilverSaver account, and watch it slowly build up.

Only rather than building up a dollar amount, you build up a silver or gold amount — whichever you want. If you set aside a hundred dollars a month, for example, and eventually build up $1,000 worth of silver, and then silver goes up 50% after that, your savings will jump 50% as well — because you’re saving the silver and not the dollars.

At any point, you can then liquidate the silver and get paid in dollars if you wish, or you can have them send you silver coins and bars. It’s just like a bank — only you’re saving gold and silver rather than Federal Reserve notes.

 And That’s Not All…

Capitalism Institute doesn’t accept donations. Our needs are few, and if people are interested in donating money, they can give it to other organizations, like the Foundation for Economic Education.

That said, we’re affiliated with SilverSaver.com. This means if anyone signs up through the link posted above, we get half of the profits they would have made selling the accounts — which helps us build up gold and silver over time as well. Our goal is to at least earn enough to cover the hosting account we pay for this site, which shouldn’t be too much. I’m a believer in full disclosures, so there you have it.

We’re actually paid in gold and silver for our referrals rather than with Federal Reserve notes. As far as business arrangements go, I’m pretty sure this is as raw capitalist as it gets.

Note that this is about saving in gold and silver. If you’re trying to get rich quick trading gold one day and selling the next, this probably isn’t for you. This is for people who want to amass gold and silver over time just like they would with a savings account — only it’s for precious metals.

I’m a huge fan, and have been a customer for well over a year, and love the set up. I look forward to buying more gold and silver every month. It helps me find financial security without worrying about my financial world ending because our congress and president are borderline insane. It’s a fundamental part of good personal finance and investing — or, as some would call it, just being a good capitalist.

Click here to learn more about SilverSaver.com.

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