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Ron Paul on Bundy Ranch: When Americans Unite, Government Backs Off

Bundy Ranch protest

Last week America witnessed the overreaching and heavy hand of the federal government, as Bureau of Land Management agents threatened a Nevada rancher over past due “grazing rights” fees on purported federal land. America responded, and exercised their First and Second Amendment rights to compel the feds to back down from their armed theft of Cliven Bundy’s cattle. The situation got pretty tense, with a standoff developing between armed federal agents versus Oathkeepers and militia members.  Luckily, the situation has

UNREAL: Obama Gives Massive Promotion to Woman Who Shut Down the War Memorials

Sylvia Burwell

Last week we shared the news that Kathleen Sebelius was resigning as Secretary of Health and Human Services because of the disastrous law that is Obamacare. Before the resignation was final the White House had already leaked that Sylvia Burwell would be nominated as the replacement for Sebelius.  Many people asked, Sylvia who?  But we already know who she is, even if we didn’t know her name. Sylvia Burwell was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the

BRAVO: Teacher Slams Common Core and Then Resigns

teacher slams common core

The Common Core education standards and curriculum that have been imposed on school systems across the country are a bad idea. Proponents of Common Core claim that it will raise standards, but it in fact does the opposite, reducing them to the lowest common denominator by setting a one-size-fits-all curriculum for the widely diverse student population in our country. Now that the standards are being implemented, teachers and states are realizing that they are not what they were sold to

George Will: New American “Revolution” is Inevitable

George Will

Many of us have given thought to the possibility of a new American Revolution. While it is certainly not preferable, the nation is reaching a tipping point of unsustainability when it comes to the progressive liberal assault on our Constitution, our liberty and freedom, and our inherent rights. Big government continues to grow to ever greater heights, all seemingly at the expense of normal American citizens and future generations..  This can’t continue forever. Acclaimed conservative author and thinker George Will

Up to 1,000,000 Armed New York Citizens Just Became “Criminals”


We have been sharing with you many stories of how gun control is collapsing in America, as people refuse to comply with the laws.  This is evidenced by the hundreds of thousands of gun owners in Connecticut and New York that have defiantly resisted registering their firearms. More and more people are seeing through the myths that the anti-gunners promote, and are realizing exactly what the original intent of the Second Amendment is, and why it is vitally important. While

Gun Control is Collapsing in America as Patriots Refuse to Obey

Minute Man memorial

Despite the media and President Obama pushing an anti-gun agenda, support for gun control is falling, evidenced by polls and the waning influence of Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, as well as open rebellion against gun registration in two states. About 90% of New York gun owners have refused to register their “assault weapons” ahead of the April 15 deadline, some going so far as to burn their registration forms in protest, and hundreds of thousands of Connecticut gun owners have

BREAKING: 90% of NY Gun Owners Refuse to Register Guns


Standing shoulder to shoulder in defiance with their “brothers-in-arms” in Connecticut, New York gun owners are rebelling against their soon-to-take-effect gun control law. Gun owners have already stood in defiance by burning their registration forms in protest.  They are remarkably unenthusiastic about complying with the order to register their so-called “assault weapons,” and the law is already being considered a failure. Further complicating matters, the New York State Police have announced that they will not enforce the 7-round magazine limit,

ALERT: The “Oath Keepers” and Militia Are Mobilizing in Nevada

Bundy ranch-BLM stand-off

There is a tense crisis brewing out in Nevada as what appeared to be a simple, on-going land dispute between a rancher and the federal government has grown much deeper and more complex. Earlier this week reports began to surface on social and alternative media about the 200+ armed federal agents that had surrounded Cliven Bundy’s ranch and how they were rounding up his cattle. The feds claim that Bundy and his cattle are trespassing on protected land controlled by

BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns After Obamacare Fiasco


The rollout of Obamacare was a complete debacle, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the public face of the horrible mess. She was never really able to explain the law or the horrible rollout, blaming Republicans for poor enrollment numbers, and lying under oath to Congress about those same enrollment numbers, as well as the faulty website. She was even ripped apart on national TV by reliable liberal comedy central host Jon Stewart. Now Kathleen Sebelius will

Tennessee Wants to Ban the UN From “Monitoring” Its Elections

UN monitor

During the 2012 election, UN election monitors came to Tennessee to observe the elections at the request of left-wing voter rights groups upset over Tennessee’s voter ID law. The state of Tennessee did not appreciate being treated as a third-world country with no experience in free elections, and intends to let the UN know that they are no longer welcome in the state. Tennessee has already asserted their state sovereignty recently by considering legislation that would ban Obamacare and nullify

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