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BOMBSHELL: Obamacare “Architect” Says Ultimate Goal is Socialist Single-Payer [WATCH]

Obamacare 'architect' admits goal is single payer

Obamacare has been hit with lawsuit after lawsuit, and is suffering setback after setback in the courts, leading some people to proclaim that this is “the beginning of the end” for the health care law. This is welcome news for a majority of Americans, whose opinions of Obamacare have decreased dramatically over the past couple

BREAKING: Mark Levin Sues Obama’s EPA for Illegally Destroying Public Records

Mark Levin

The Environmental Protection Agency is the epitome of bureaucratic tyranny.  The agency is filled with unelected bureaucrats that wield the power of government to attack individuals and businesses, all under the guise of environmental concern, in order to advance their progressive socialist agenda. The EPA has recently passed new regulations, greatly expanding the Clean Air

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed to Take Down Common Core

President Obama Urges Congress To Act To Extend The Payroll Tax Cut And Unemployment Insurance

The national educational standards known as Common Core are a bad idea.  They are a one-size-fits-all set of achievement standards and standardized tests for the nation’s students and schools that emphasize teaching to the test instead of teaching actual knowledge. The curriculum is confusing, filled with statist propaganda, and creates a standard of mediocrity.  It

Top Lawmakers: This is the “Beginning of the End” for Obamacare


Yesterday, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a huge blow to a key provision of the signature healthcare law of the Obama administration, confirming worries that Obamacare is in big trouble. The court ruled that the subsidies being offered by the federal government for health insurance were only intended for individuals who had enrolled on

Ben Carson: “We Cannot Submit… We Have Got to Stand Up For America” [VIDEO]

Dr Carson stand up for america

Dr. Ben Carson has become a rising star among conservatives, because he is not afraid to speak truth to power, and he does so calmly and succinctly, using common sense, logic and reason. He refuses to let the naysayers and PC police on the left shut him up, and for that he has garnered an

Feds Investigate Private Citizens for Daring to Mock Obama at Parade [VIDEO]

Obama library parade float

President Obama and his administration have been notorious for cracking down on dissent, attempting to use the heavy hand of government against any private citizen that speaks out against them.  In essence, Obama is attacking the free speech and liberty of every American. Obama has used the IRS as his own personal “Gestapo”, going after

Poll: Americans Believe Corruption is at All-Time High Under Obama

Barack Obama Casts His Vote For President

It has been said that “corruption reigns” in Obama’s America, and with a nearly endless list of crimes, lies, and scandals, that is not a difficult premise to believe. Most Americans think that corruption has gotten worse under the Obama regime, despite Obama’s assurance that there isn’t even a “smidgen” of corruption in government. In

Famous Black Conservative: Ignore the Naysayers and IMPEACH Obama


The calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama grow louder and louder, and come from more people, every day.  There are ample reasons to impeach Obama, and an endless list of offenses for which he could be charged. In truth, the case for impeachment has already been laid out.  There are likely enough votes

UNREAL: Obama Administration to Defy a Congressional Subpoena

Barack Obama Continues His Visit To London

Barack Obama’s administration has taken lawlessness to an entirely new, unprecedented level.  No administration in history has committed so many criminal acts, while arrogantly defying every effort at Congressional oversight. Yesterday it was announced that a political strategist in Obama’s administration would not be appearing before the House Oversight Committee, despite a subpoena.  This isn’t

VICTORY: House Votes to Slash IRS Funding by $1.1 BILLION [VIDEO]

IRS budget cut

The IRS has been targeting and harassing American citizens simply for their political beliefs, for the past five years.  They have lied and stonewalled every effort to investigate this targeting, proving most uncooperative. House Republicans have threatened to use their ‘power of the purse’ to cut the IRS’s budget, while Democrats are actually arguing for

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