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George Will Announces Support for a “Convention” to Stop Obama


The movement pushing an Article V Convention of the States is growing fast.  It is composed mostly of state lawmakers seeking to force the federal government to balance the budget with a constitutional amendment. Michigan recently submitted an application for a Convention, possibly becoming the final state necessary to set in motion such a constitutional amendment Convention focused on a balanced budget amendment. More and more influential conservatives are coming out in favor of a convention, including Mark Levin and

George Will: New American “Revolution” is Inevitable

George Will

Many of us have given thought to the possibility of a new American Revolution. While it is certainly not preferable, the nation is reaching a tipping point of unsustainability when it comes to the progressive liberal assault on our Constitution, our liberty and freedom, and our inherent rights. Big government continues to grow to ever greater heights, all seemingly at the expense of normal American citizens and future generations..  This can’t continue forever. Acclaimed conservative author and thinker George Will

BOOM: House Votes Against Obama’s Budget 413-to-2

President Obama Holds Town Hall On Health Care In Raleigh, North Carolina

President Obama has a history of turning in his budget proposals late and with no foundation in reality.  This year was no different. Obama’s budget for 2015 called for more than $650 billion in new taxes.  The budget continues to run a half trillion dollar deficit, which he doesn’t feel is an urgent crisis.  He also believes the national debt is in a “sustainable place”. Last year both the Republicans and Democrats roundly rejected Obama’s budget, just as they have

Democrat Demands More Money, Says Congress is “Underpaid”

Jim Moran

Despite the fact that members of Congress make a salary about 4 times greater than the average American citizen, some members of Congress feel they are “underpaid.” In fact, Nancy Pelosi has even said that cutting the pay of Congress would violate the “dignity” of the job.  This from a woman that flies on a private jet and spent over $100k on gourmet foods, all at taxpayer expense. In a time of economic stagnation with high unemployment and over 47

Bono: Capitalism Cures Poverty Better Than Foreign Aid

Bono on capitalism

It can be frustrating to many of us when we see ultra-rich movie stars and rock stars speak poorly of capitalism, blaming it for the rampant poverty and injustice around the world, the very system that enabled them to obtain their wealth. Unfortunately, we have become used to it, as there is an overwhelmingly leftist bias amongst the Hollywood and music scenes. That is why it is quite refreshing when we see one of these same rock stars, one that

Sarah Palin: Absolutely No More Tax Increases


Paul Ryan’s budget bill was passed last Thursday. Ryan’s bill includes new tax increases and increased spending; we lost all of the minuscule sequester cuts  we just gained. It is being hailed by much of the media as a “bipartisn compromise,” but the only thing compromised here are the principles of fiscal conservatism. After the bill’s passing, Sarah Palin wrote a scathing op-ed for No one can argue with the fact that Paul Ryan’s compromise budget bill raises taxes

Barack Obama Says He Wants to Get Rid of the Debt Ceiling

obama shrug

Obama seems to have a personal goal of seeing how fiscally insane his proposals can be before the media finally calls him on them. So far, he seems to be winning. His latest proposal is to completely abolish the debt ceiling, that way congress and the president don’t have to negotiate anything in the future. In other words, rather than compromise and cut spending, he just wants to get rid of limits on debt. The United States already increases the

REJECTION: State of Washington Rejects Obama’s Illegal Obamacare “Fix”

obama looking down

Obamacare is a fantastic example of why central economic planning never works. It’s not actually “elitism” in the sense that the competent people of society run things — it’s the exact opposite. The politically connected people run things, and they’re usually clueless. For example, Obama’s “fix” to the insurance market he announced yesterday was fascinatingly foolish for anyone who understands that trillion-dollar industries can’t just turn on a dime within a couple of days. It takes years to change things.

Video: For Every North Dakotan Who Enrolled in Obamacare, 1000+ Lost Insurance

evil obama

In North Dakota, people are starting to see why the Tea Party fought Obamacare so hard and for so long. It’s devastating thousands of families, and will likely cause a wave of medical bankruptcies over the next few years. For example, only 30 people in North Dakota have enrolled in Obamacare… but 35,000 have lost their health insurance directly because of Obamacare, at least. Local media video clip is below: Here’s the relevant excerpts from the video: “New information tonight,

Obamacare Navigators Can LEGALLY Tell People to Vote Democrat

obama smiling

Obamacare uses a vast army of “navigators” to get people to sign up for Obamacare… and they’re LEGALLY able to tell people to vote Democrat. Please SHARE this. Obamacare was never about healthcare… it’s about control and buying votes. This is why Obamacare shouldn’t just be temporarily delayed… it must be permanently defeated. Over the next few months, Democrats will likely try to get a delay of Obamacare. They must be stopped. Delaying Obamacare is still a massive blow to

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