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Ben Carson: “We Cannot Submit… We Have Got to Stand Up For America” [VIDEO]

Dr Carson stand up for america

Dr. Ben Carson has become a rising star among conservatives, because he is not afraid to speak truth to power, and he does so calmly and succinctly, using common sense, logic and reason. He refuses to let the naysayers and PC police on the left shut him up, and for that he has garnered an

Allen West: Obama Complains About Fake Racism Because He’s “Devoid of Character” [WATCH SPEECH]

Allen West says Obama devoid of character

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West is an outspoken critic of President Obama, and isn’t afraid to call him out and destroy him on national TV. He has called Obama a liar and a disgrace, and says that he should resign.  He is also calling for Obama’s impeachment. Although the Democrats were able to concentrate on

Famous Black Conservative: Ignore the Naysayers and IMPEACH Obama


The calls for the impeachment of President Barack Obama grow louder and louder, and come from more people, every day.  There are ample reasons to impeach Obama, and an endless list of offenses for which he could be charged. In truth, the case for impeachment has already been laid out.  There are likely enough votes

FIGHTING BACK: 600 Christians Take Up Arms Against Violent Muslim Jihadists [VIDEO]

Iraqi Christians defend town from ISIS

When President Obama precipitously pulled all US troops out of Iraq, it left a power vacuum that has since been filled by radical Islamic jihadists.  They have taken control of a large swath of territory in both Iraq and Syria, declaring it a Caliphate, or Islamic State. Within this radical Islamic State, or Jihadistan, the

WATCH: Jesse Jackson Turns on Obama and Publicly Slams Him [VIDEO]

Jesse Jackson

President Obama recently asked Congress for nearly $4 billion to address the crisis at our southern border.  The bulk of the money won’t be used to increase border security, but will instead go to feed, clothe, house, and attend to the medical needs of the thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children that have crossed the

State Lawmaker: The States Must Stand Up and Unite Against Obama

Obama is a tyrant

State lawmakers from around the country are uniting in an effort to reel in a runaway federal government and return it to it’s Constitutional foundation and boundaries. An assembly of lawmakers recently met in Indiana to lay the groundwork and set the rules for an Article V Convention of the States, a Constitutional process for

Here Is An Actual 11-Step Plan To Solve The Border Crisis

Warning for illegal immigrants

Conservatives and libertarians have rightly been critical of many of President Obama’s policies over the past several years.  But liberals are quick to counter-criticize those on the right, saying they are only complaining and not offering any solutions. To be fair, liberals actually have a point there.  We can gripe and complain about the things

Retired General: Kick Obama Out of the White House, Now [WATCH VIDEO]

Lt Gen Jerry Boykin

More and more members of the military, including high ranking officers, are taking a stand against President Obama.  Yet another retired General is speaking out, specifically about the VA scandal and Benghazi. The way our veterans have been treated by the VA is “un-American“, scandalous, and criminal.  Thankfully, the FBI has opened an investigation into

Congressman: Yes, Obama is Intentionally Destroying the United States

Obama thinking

We have been telling you about the existential threat that is occurring on America’s southern border.  President Obama’s policies of non-enforcement of immigration laws and lax border security have resulted in an open border, one that is being crossed by thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants under the impression that they will receive amnesty. Many

Jon Voight Risks Entire Career to Make Stand Against Tyranny [WATCH VIDEO]

Jon Voight

Hollywood is known as a bastion of liberal thought and Democrat support, but there are a handful of conservatives and libertarians mixed amongst the progressive socialists. Actor Rob Lowe has stated that he wants “the government out of almost everything”, and James Woods has tweeted endlessly in opposition to President Obama. Steven Seagal said that

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