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Chuck Norris: Barack Obama Has “Crippled” America by Intentionally Dividing It

Chuck Norris on Obama

We recently shared with you a column written by Chuck Norris stating that President Obama doesn’t have what it takes to lead the nation. Of course he is right, as Obama has demonstrated that he is the most inept and incompetent leader our country has ever seen, and he has proven to not only all

BREAKING: IRS Announces That It’s Strongly Targeting 99 Top Churches in America

church steeple

We have extensively covered the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups, giving them extra scrutiny above and beyond normal protocol for non-profit tax exempt statuses. Not only did the IRS target these groups specifically, they have also embarked on a blatant coverup of the evidence detailing this targeting, taking the scandal to another

WATCH: Former Ambassador Calls for the Total “Destruction” of the “Islamic State” [VIDEO]

Ambassador John Bolton

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, known as ISIS or simply the “Islamic State”, is quite possibly one of the worst terrorist organizations the world has ever seen. This group, which spawned out of the former Al-Qaeda in Iraq, and combined with the Syrian rebel groups, armed by Obama, that are opposing the Assad

BREAKING: Court Shuts Down Eric Holder Over Voter ID

Attorney Gen. Holder Speaks At The Justice Dept's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

Voter ID laws are a pretty simple concept that enjoy widespread support.  Voter ID laws simply state that anyone showing up to vote at the polls must provide a valid ID of some sort, to prove that they are who they claim to be. Voter ID laws help prevent and cut down on voter fraud,

BREAKING: New Mexico Defies Obama and Requires WORK for Welfare

New Mexico capitol building

Back during the Clinton administration, Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was able to build bipartisan support, including President Clinton himself, for a law implementing work requirements for welfare eligibility. In 2009, during the height of the recession, President Obama waived those work requirements for welfare, due to the sluggish and suffering economy.  But

BREAKING: “Islamic State” Suffers Major Defeat, Over 500 Terrorists Get Blown Up

ISIS hit with airstrikes

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better know as ISIS, has grown exponentially over the past year, gaining control of large swaths of both Syria and northwestern Iraq.  This terrorist group, formerly affiliated with Al-Qaeda, spawned out of the numerous Syrian rebel groups armed by the Obama administration. The ISIS terrorists have established a

Awesome: “Gun Owners of America” Give Obama a Lesson on the Constitution

Obama thinks govt grants rights

There is no question that President Obama has an anti-gun agenda, one shared by many other progressive liberals, that seeks to disarm the vast majority of the American population through gun control laws, disguised as “public safety” measures. These progressives are of the view that only the government, and their enforcers in the ranks of

Chuck Norris Slams Obama: He Does NOT Have What It Takes to Lead

Chuck Norris trigger the vote

President Obama has been called the “most inept and incompetent” leaders in history, and “not fit to lead” our country. A majority of Americans agree with that sentiment, saying that Obama is “not competent” when it comes to running the government, which they also believe is more corrupt than government has ever been. One need

Michelle Obama Whines: Republicans Are Trying to “Block the Work I Do”

The First Lady Announces White House Mentoring Initiative For Students

First Lady Michelle Obama was recently in Chicago for a Democrat Party fundraiser, begging for money to try and keep the do-nothing, rubber stamp Democrat majority in the Senate after the midterm elections. Michelle touched on all of the hot-button, populist issues for progressives these days, including raising the minimum wage, amnesty for illegal immigrants,

Rick Perry: “It’s Time for Us to Start a Little Rebellion”

Rick Perry time for a little rebellion

There is something of a little “rebellion” brewing in the US against President Obama and the federal government, but you likely won’t hear about it from the mainstream media. Some states are fighting back, reasserting their power and sovereignty against an overreaching and increasingly oppressive federal government, pushing back on things like gun control, Obamacare,

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