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UNREAL: Benghazi Was Denied Security Because It Wasn’t “Aesthetically Pleasing”

Hillary Benghazi

President Obama and his administration are focused on little else except “optics” and public perception.  This is why the Benghazi attack was blamed on a protest over a Youtube video, and not called a terrorist attack, which it obviously was. Obama and his crew had to lie about Benghazi because it didn’t fit the false

Border Expert: Texas is Defying the Feds by Deploying Guard [WATCH]

Texas National Guard on the border

There is a threat to America’s very existence taking place on our southern border, and this threat was intentionally created by President Obama to destroy our system of government and the sovereignty of our nation. As the crisis has reached near critical mass over the past couple months, Obama has done next to nothing to

Top Lawmakers: This is the “Beginning of the End” for Obamacare


Yesterday, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a huge blow to a key provision of the signature healthcare law of the Obama administration, confirming worries that Obamacare is in big trouble. The court ruled that the subsidies being offered by the federal government for health insurance were only intended for individuals who had enrolled on

BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes MASSIVE Blow to Obamacare

DC District Court of Appeals

The DC Court of Appeals dealt a devastating blow to Obamacare today, striking down an IRS interpretation of a certain provision dealing with the Exchanges and subsidies. Liberals know that Obamacare is in big trouble, and today’s ruling confirms it. There are still other lawsuits out there that are challenging the healthcare law, looking at

VICTORY: North Carolina’s Governor to Kill Obama’s “Common Core” Permanently

Obama Holds News Conference At The White House

If there are two areas of American life that liberals most wish to control, they are probably the media and education. A robust democracy requires a free press to inform a voting public that has been educationally equipped to understand and evaluate the complex issues facing the government. (It also requires an armed citizenry prepared

Trey Gowdy’s Plan: Have the States Defend the Border Without Obama

South Carolina Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy

Republican Representative Trey Gowdy has introduced legislation to allow the states to do what the Obama administration seemingly cannot or will not do: secure the country against illegal immigration. Gowdy’s “Strengthen And Fortify Enforcement Act,” or SAFE Act, would grant to each state the authority to enforce federal immigration laws as well as state laws

Border Sheriff: Take Obama’s “Amnesty” Welfare Budget… and Defend the Border [WATCH]

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu

The Commander of all US forces in Central and South America says that the crisis on our southern border could threaten America’s very existence.  Sadly, he is right. The border crisis is an intentional effort to destroy the United States by President Obama and the progressive liberals.  They are deliberately trying to overwhelm the systems

Lt. Col. Oliver North: Obama is the “Most Inept and Incompetent” Leaders in History [VIDEO]

Lt Col Oliver North-Obama inept

President Reagan’s foreign policy was based on the notion of “peace through strength”, meaning a strong military with determined leadership and a clear strategy could secure peace by deterring our enemies from ever attacking us or our allies. President Obama has taken the opposite course, weakening our military and purging the leadership, showing no concise

Here Is An Actual 11-Step Plan To Solve The Border Crisis

Warning for illegal immigrants

Conservatives and libertarians have rightly been critical of many of President Obama’s policies over the past several years.  But liberals are quick to counter-criticize those on the right, saying they are only complaining and not offering any solutions. To be fair, liberals actually have a point there.  We can gripe and complain about the things

Congressman: Yes, Obama is Intentionally Destroying the United States

Obama thinking

We have been telling you about the existential threat that is occurring on America’s southern border.  President Obama’s policies of non-enforcement of immigration laws and lax border security have resulted in an open border, one that is being crossed by thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants under the impression that they will receive amnesty. Many

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