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Bill Introduced That Allows Carrying Guns on Military Bases

President Obama Attends Memorial Service At Ft. Hood For Shooting Victims

We were reminded the other day of the utter ignorance and stupidity of “gun free zones” when the Ft. Hood Army Base was put on lockdown because of a deranged shooter, again. Gun free zones do not work, and serve only to provide a criminal with disarmed victims unable to defend themselves.  A survivor of the Columbine school shooting has long been calling for an end to gun free zones.  A witness to a stabbing spree at a college in

VICTORY: Oklahoma Next to Repeal “Common Core”

common core

There has been quite a bit of controversy and discussion over the “Common Core” federal standards and curriculum that have been introduced into most of the schools in our country. We recently gave you 10 reasons why common core is a bad idea for kids, parents and teachers. In fact, it is such a bad idea that Indiana just pulled out of it, and now Oklahoma is standing next in line to do the same. According to KFOR in Oklahoma

Insurance Firms: Obamacare is Already Making Prices Double

Obama on the phone

Despite President Obama’s oft-repeated claim that Obamacare would make insurance premiums drop about $2,500 per family, the White House is now admitting that, yes, Obamacare will make insurance more expensive. In fact, it is estimated that some areas of the country will see premiums rise as much as 100-400%. It has become so obvious that the law will decimate the middle class that labor unions are now crying foul, claiming it will hurt millions of workers.  Even the IRS workers

Report: There Are “Record Amounts” of Censorship Under Obama


The AP is reporting that there are “record amounts” of censorship under President Obama’s administration, which seems odd considering he promised to have the most transparent administration ever. In fact, the censorship under Obama is so bad that last year a prestigious journalism organization called him the most anti-journalism president since Nixon.  The reality is that he is probably worse. Furthermore, last year a judge ruled against Obama’s claims of “Executive Privilege” in covering up certain documents from public disclosure

Rand Paul: Obamacare the “Opposite of What America Was Founded On”

Rand Paul

It is almost unreal the amount of times Obamacare deadlines have been extended. The Obama Administration has extended the March 31st deadline for Americans who have started their enrollment in health insurance but have not yet finished. Repeatedly, White House officials said that the deadline would not be extended beyond March 31st. The Obamacare rollout was a complete disaster, and the Administration has tried to conceal the facts from day one, when the website didn’t even work. Department of Health and Human

5 Reasons Hillary Clinton Must NEVER Become President


Hillary Clinton is the epitome of a lying, corrupt, power-hungry and scandalous politician that poses a danger to the freedom and liberty of every American. The list of scandals, death and destruction in her wake, of both lives and careers, is too lengthy to fully recount here. What follows are just 5 reasons why Hillary Rodham Clinton must NEVER be elected to become President of the United States of America. She has lived a life of corruption. One of the

VICTORY: Indiana First State to Pull Out of “Common Core”

indiana capitol

Several months ago, Tea Party favorite Allen West said, “Common Core is the Obamacare of education.” He’s right. It uses a top-down approach to education that cedes power to the centralized governments rather than individual teachers. Because of this centralization of power, the “standards” were politically correct, educationally destructive, and gravely damaging the education of America’s children. As a response, Indiana has just become the first state to withdraw from Common Core. They were one of 45 states to adapt

BREAKING: Louisiana Bans Welfare Benefits for Tattoos, Jewelry, and Lingerie


All across the country, states are going after welfare fraudsters and abusers who steal from taxpayers by gaming the system.  We’ve seen an upsurge in measures to prevent misuse of benefits on the state level.  Americans are outraged that they work hard to subsidize people who have no interest in getting a job. In Mississippi, the legislature just passed a bill requiring that individuals at high risk of being substance abusers take a drug test before receiving welfare benefits.  In

Let’s Be Honest… Was Obamacare Designed to Fail?

Obama signs ACA

Obamacare is failing and will continue to be a failure.  The question must be asked, is Obamacare failing because of government ineptness, or was it deliberately designed to fail? We all remember the laughably disastrous rollout of, and how that has kept enrollment in Obamacare much lower than the White House expected or predicted. We heard President Obama and his oft-repeated lie that if we liked our plan, we could keep it, yet more than 5 million Americans have

WATCH: Democrats Try to Disarm Sheriffs at Capitol… They Walked Out Instead (VIDEO)

Oklahoma Sheriffs

Sheriffs are the highest level of local law enforcement within their county.  They answer to the people and most of them take their oath to protect and defend the Constitution seriously. Many Sheriffs are pro-gun.  For instance, the Sheriff of Milwaukee views law-abiding armed citizens as an asset to his force and knows that armed Americans will keep our country free.  In fact, Sheriffs across the country are refusing to enforce new anti-gun laws. This can create conflict between the

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