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GOOD: Military Generals Take Stand Against Barack Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama Visits South Korea - Day 2

Many Americans have reached the conclusion that President Obama harbors a dislike and disrespect for our military.  That in and of itself wouldn’t be a very big deal, except that Obama and his administration have instituted policies and taken actions that are directly detrimental to the current and former members of our military. Our veterans

Judge Jeanine: America is Under Attack From Within [WATCH VIDEO]


Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro usually begins her weekly show with an “Opening Statement”, a prosecutorial diatribe often directed at the President, laying out the facts relating to whatever the latest scandal of the week is. She pulls no punches in her attacks, asking pointed questions and demanding answers on behalf of the American

School Nutrition Group Declares War on Michelle Obama’s Insane “Lunch Rules”

Michelle Obama's school lunch program

First Lady Michelle Obama has made battling childhood obesity her cause, something noble and worthy that we can all agree on.  She has used her position to promote the “Let’s Move” initiative, which encourages kids to get outside and play, and to push new nutritional standards for school lunches. Unfortunately, students have widely rejected the

BREAKING: EPA Claims Power to “Garnish Wages”

Obama Holds Summit With Karzai At White House

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has been unleashed and spurred on by their almost cult-like belief in global warming and big government. They have been steadily overreaching their originally intended boundaries and limitations, taking unilateral regulatory actions never approved by Congress, sometimes even specifically rejected by Congress, like their recent anti-coal rules that will cause

BOMBSHELL: Leaked Messages Reveal Obama Lied About Border Crisis [DOCUMENT ATTACHED]


Ever since word of the crisis on our southern border has been spreading on the news, the Obama administration has tried to assure America that our borders are actually secure, all of the illegal immigrants coming across the border will be deported, and the only reason they are coming here is to escape chaos in

Former VP Candidate: “Impeach This Lying Fraud” [READ]

NATO Summit Lisbon 2010 - Day 2

Former Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allen Root has been an outspoken critic of President Obama generally, and of Obamacare in particular. Obamacare is certainly worthy of criticism.  It is a horrible law that grants far too much control to the government of a large portion of our nation’s economy, and the private lives and

BOMBSHELL: Syrian Rebels Armed by Obama Declare “Allegiance” to ISIS Terrorists in Iraq

President Obama Attends Memorial Service At Ft. Hood For Shooting Victims

When President Obama’s plans to get militarily involved in Syria’s civil war were overwhelmingly rejected by public opinion, he decided instead to arm and train some of the Syrian rebels fighting against Bashar Assad’s regime. The American people were repeatedly assured, by the likes of Senator John McCain and Secretary of State John Kerry, that

Sarah Palin Publicly Calls for the Impeachment of Barack H. Obama [READ]

Sarah Palin Joins Senate Candidate Joe Miller At Campaign Rally In Anchorage

Sarah Palin has long been a critic of President Obama, and as the scandals mount, including the latest crisis on the border, her criticism has gained a sharper edge. She has said that Obama’s policies and unilateral actions have set us on a “dangerous path to tyranny”, and she is right. She has called out

UNREAL: Obamas Have Spent Over $44 MILLION in Taxpayer Dollars on Vacations

US President Barack Obama Visits India

A shocking new report from government watchdog group Judicial Watch shows just how hypocritical and out of touch the Obamas are, particularly regarding the amount of taxpayer dollars spent on their vacation travel versus their constant talk about income inequality, the struggling middle class and the poor. The outrageous sums of money that are spent

Michelle Whines: I’ll “Fight Until the Bitter End” to Keep My Lunch Rules

The First Lady Announces White House Mentoring Initiative For Students

First Ladies have historically had some type of pet project that they actively worked to promote.  Michelle Obama’s cause was childhood obesity, and she lobbied to get new healthy standards implemented for public school lunches. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that on it’s face, as childhood obesity is an issue facing the country, and

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