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Active 4-Star General: Obama’s Border Crisis Threatens America’s Existence

SOUTHCOM Commander John Kelly

The ongoing crisis at our southern border is more than just unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing in search of family or amnesty. It is a matter of national security, as our already overworked and stretched thin Border Patrol has been overwhelmed trying to deal with the flood of immigrants, leaving stretches of the border undefended

Legislation Introduced to END Foreign Aid to Countries Sending Illegals to the US


Last year, the United States spent over $37 billion on foreign aid.  Apparently, that wasn’t enough for President Obama, who is calling for a 30% increase in US contributions to the UN, as well as a couple million here, couple million there, a few more million over there, and so on. A significant portion of

BREAKING: House Republicans to Vote on Huge Budget Cut for IRS

Obama in office

There is a big budget battle in Congress brewing for next week, as Republicans seek to exact revenge on the IRS for their targeting of conservative and Tea Party groups. Democrats have been placed in the position of having to defend the IRS and their egregious actions, after they asked for an increase in the

Former Judge: We Have a “Tyrant” in the White House

Obama in office

As we celebrate this Fourth of July holiday weekend, remembering how our forefathers threw off the tyranny of a King in a far away capital, we should take note that we are once again living under the tyranny of a “king” in a far away capital. Regarding President Obama and his policy of using armed

Top Liberal Newspaper: Obamacare is in Big Trouble

Obama signs ACA

Obamacare recently suffered a major defeat, when the Supreme Court ruled against the government’s contraceptive mandate and in favor of the religious liberty of “closely held” corporations. The health care law is facing several other challenges too, leading conservative columnist George Will to say that the law is likely “doomed”. The major challenge to the

Krauthammer: Obamacare Was Designed to Bring Socialism [VIDEO]

Krauthammer Obamacare designed to bring socialism

Many people have made the argument over the past several years that Obamacare is, at the very least, a precursor to socialism. In a sense, it is, as it moves America towards a single-payer, government run health care industry, which will ultimately enslave the population to government control. Right now, Obamacare is a convoluted mixture

Newspaper Admits: “We Were Wrong” to Endorse Barack Obama [READ]

Barack Obama Continues His Visit To London

Some liberals in the media are finally waking up to the realization that President Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ was all a charade, evidenced by the latest abysmally low approval ratings for Obama. Even the New York Times has recently spoken out of both sides of it’s mouth, covering up White House and IRS misdeeds on

BREAKING: House Budget to Massively Cut Funding for IRS

President Obama Attends Memorial Service At Ft. Hood For Shooting Victims

A large and bipartisan majority of Americans are deeply disturbed by the scandalous targeting of conservative groups by the IRS, and the sloppy attempt to cover it up by supposedly losing some emails, which many believe originated from Washington DC and the White House. Rep. Paul Ryan spoke for millions of Americans when he told

WATCH THIS: It Took Megyn Kelly Only 82 Seconds to Destroy Obama in Viral Rant

Megyn Kelly epic rant on Obama

Megyn Kelly is a popular host on the Fox News Channel, and a frequent critic of President Obama and his administration and policies. She has called him out of control and demanded his impeachment, and was not afraid to report on the numerous Obamacare horror stories, calling out the Democrats that would deny the truth

POLL: Obama’s Approval Hits All-Time Low

Obama thinking

President Obama’s approval ratings continue to slide, hitting yet another all-time low in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC poll. He had just hit an all-time low back in March/April, but his numbers continue to plummet as Americans have lost faith in him and his administration. Two of the biggest factors in this recent poll are

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