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BREAKING: House Committee Votes to Officially Approve Lawsuit Against Obama

Obama is a tyrant

President Obama has blatantly and admittedly abused his Executive power.  There has been a growing sense that he must be stopped, and the balance of power between the Executive and Legislative branches restored. Speaker of the House John Boehner announced last month that he intended to sue Obama over his “abuse of power”. A House

BREAKING: Lawsuit Filed to Take Down Common Core

President Obama Urges Congress To Act To Extend The Payroll Tax Cut And Unemployment Insurance

The national educational standards known as Common Core are a bad idea.  They are a one-size-fits-all set of achievement standards and standardized tests for the nation’s students and schools that emphasize teaching to the test instead of teaching actual knowledge. The curriculum is confusing, filled with statist propaganda, and creates a standard of mediocrity.  It

UNREAL: Obama Ignored Benghazi Attack to Prepare for Romney Debate

Obama Romney debate

As the cover up surrounding the Benghazi terrorist attack continues to collapse, there is still one major unanswered question.  Where was President Obama at during the attack? We already know, thanks to Tommy “Dude, that was two years ago” Vietor, that Obama wasn’t in the Situation Room monitoring the attack and coordinating a response during

Border Sheriffs: Feds Are a “Joke” for Failing to Secure the Border

President Barack Obama

The inability of the federal government under President Barack Obama to accomplish much of anything has, by now, been well established. That’s not always a bad thing, when what the administration is attempting represents more federal overreach by a president who seems to recognize no constitutional limits on the power of his office. For example,

UNREAL: Benghazi Was Denied Security Because It Wasn’t “Aesthetically Pleasing”

Hillary Benghazi

President Obama and his administration are focused on little else except “optics” and public perception.  This is why the Benghazi attack was blamed on a protest over a Youtube video, and not called a terrorist attack, which it obviously was. Obama and his crew had to lie about Benghazi because it didn’t fit the false

BREAKING: Hillary Will Refuse to Hand Over Her Benghazi Notes to Trey Gowdy [VIDEO]

Hillary refuses to turn over Benghazi notes

A Congressional Committee report on the investigation of the Benghazi terror attack has determined that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton bears a good deal of the blame for what occurred, as she was in charge at that time. Hillary ignored multiple warnings about the danger in Benghazi, denied requests for more security, and then

Border Expert: Texas is Defying the Feds by Deploying Guard [WATCH]

Texas National Guard on the border

There is a threat to America’s very existence taking place on our southern border, and this threat was intentionally created by President Obama to destroy our system of government and the sovereignty of our nation. As the crisis has reached near critical mass over the past couple months, Obama has done next to nothing to

Top Lawmakers: This is the “Beginning of the End” for Obamacare


Yesterday, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a huge blow to a key provision of the signature healthcare law of the Obama administration, confirming worries that Obamacare is in big trouble. The court ruled that the subsidies being offered by the federal government for health insurance were only intended for individuals who had enrolled on

Ben Carson: “We Cannot Submit… We Have Got to Stand Up For America” [VIDEO]

Dr Carson stand up for america

Dr. Ben Carson has become a rising star among conservatives, because he is not afraid to speak truth to power, and he does so calmly and succinctly, using common sense, logic and reason. He refuses to let the naysayers and PC police on the left shut him up, and for that he has garnered an

Allen West: Obama Complains About Fake Racism Because He’s “Devoid of Character” [WATCH SPEECH]

Allen West says Obama devoid of character

Retired Lt. Col. Allen West is an outspoken critic of President Obama, and isn’t afraid to call him out and destroy him on national TV. He has called Obama a liar and a disgrace, and says that he should resign.  He is also calling for Obama’s impeachment. Although the Democrats were able to concentrate on

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