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BREAKING: IRS Announces That It’s Strongly Targeting 99 Top Churches in America

church steeple

We have extensively covered the IRS targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups, giving them extra scrutiny above and beyond normal protocol for non-profit tax exempt statuses. Not only did the IRS target these groups specifically, they have also embarked on a blatant coverup of the evidence detailing this targeting, taking the scandal to another

BREAKING: New Mexico Defies Obama and Requires WORK for Welfare

New Mexico capitol building

Back during the Clinton administration, Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was able to build bipartisan support, including President Clinton himself, for a law implementing work requirements for welfare eligibility. In 2009, during the height of the recession, President Obama waived those work requirements for welfare, due to the sluggish and suffering economy.  But

URGENT: IRS Promises to “Monitor” Christian Churches [DETAILS]

U.S. Democratic President Barack Obama

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees that the government can make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, nor abridging the freedom of speech.  These fundamental rights served as key blocks in the foundation our country was built upon. But freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion have been

BREAKING: Doctors Nationwide Are Beginning to Reject Obamacare Patients

Healthcare gov

Obamacare is a scam, and relies completely upon everybody buying into the scam, in all aspects of the healthcare industry. But some doctors and top hospitals are rebelling against Obamacare.  Doctors are rejecting Obamacare patients, and some are even blatantly saying that they “will not comply” with the law. Even some hospitals are refusing to

Texas Lt. Governor: Texas Has Officially “Shut Down” Huge Section of the Border [VIDEO]

Texas LtG David Dewhurst

In the midst of a crisis along our southern border, Texas has stepped up to face it and deal with it, while Congress and the President have neglected their responsibilities and instead gone on vacation. Texas initiated a surge of state and local law enforcement officials to certain sectors of the border, something they have

Wall Street Journal Confirms… Obama IS Funding Hamas

Obama is a tyrant

The United States spent at least $37 billion on direct foreign aid last year, probably even more considering indirect means.  This has led many to make the argument that it is time for the US to end all foreign aid. At the very least, the US needs to end foreign aid to countries with anti-American

VICTORY: Powerful Court Strikes Huge Blow to Unions

Gov Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was just repudiated by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, who ruled to uphold his law limiting the power of public sector unions in the state, specifically the powerful teacher unions. Governor Walker is immensely popular with conservatives and independents, and equally hated by liberals and big government statists, who unsuccessfully tried to

BREAKING: Legislation Introduced to Cut Off Welfare for Illegals


Congress is scrambling to find a solution to the illegal immigration crisis we are facing on our southern border.  Although there are an untold number of laws already on the books, the feds aren’t enforcing them all, creating the appearance that border security is a ‘joke’. Texas has stepped up to secure their portion of

WATCH: Rand Paul Goes Onto MSNBC and Calls Them Liars [VIDEO]

Rand Paul MSNBC

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is most likely going to run for President in 2016, and that has the GOP and Dem establishment terrified. Rand Paul doesn’t fit neatly in the media’s little box.  He speaks passionately and intelligently about a wide range of issues, and has great crossover appeal, even getting a standing ovation for

BREAKING: The State of West Virginia Files Lawsuit to Stop Barack Obama

Obama gets nullified

Yet another state-led lawsuit has been filed against Obamacare, this time by West Virginia, aimed at one of President Obama’s unilateral changes to the law. Remember when Obama repeatedly said “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan”, and then upwards of five million people lost their plans? Obama came up with a

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