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Top Lawmakers: This is the “Beginning of the End” for Obamacare


Yesterday, the DC Court of Appeals dealt a huge blow to a key provision of the signature healthcare law of the Obama administration, confirming worries that Obamacare is in big trouble. The court ruled that the subsidies being offered by the federal government for health insurance were only intended for individuals who had enrolled on

BREAKING: Federal Court Strikes MASSIVE Blow to Obamacare

DC District Court of Appeals

The DC Court of Appeals dealt a devastating blow to Obamacare today, striking down an IRS interpretation of a certain provision dealing with the Exchanges and subsidies. Liberals know that Obamacare is in big trouble, and today’s ruling confirms it. There are still other lawsuits out there that are challenging the healthcare law, looking at

WATCH: Jesse Jackson Turns on Obama and Publicly Slams Him [VIDEO]

Jesse Jackson

President Obama recently asked Congress for nearly $4 billion to address the crisis at our southern border.  The bulk of the money won’t be used to increase border security, but will instead go to feed, clothe, house, and attend to the medical needs of the thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children that have crossed the

VICTORY: House Votes to Slash IRS Funding by $1.1 BILLION [VIDEO]

IRS budget cut

The IRS has been targeting and harassing American citizens simply for their political beliefs, for the past five years.  They have lied and stonewalled every effort to investigate this targeting, proving most uncooperative. House Republicans have threatened to use their ‘power of the purse’ to cut the IRS’s budget, while Democrats are actually arguing for

BREAKING: House Votes to Ban Internet Taxes for Good


If you are reading this, then you are experiencing a free and unfettered internet, at least free and unfettered by Congress. Obviously, you must pay a fee to the service provider, but you aren’t paying a tax to the government for the “privilege” of using the internet. Some members of Congress have wanted to place

State Lawmaker: The States Must Stand Up and Unite Against Obama

Obama is a tyrant

State lawmakers from around the country are uniting in an effort to reel in a runaway federal government and return it to it’s Constitutional foundation and boundaries. An assembly of lawmakers recently met in Indiana to lay the groundwork and set the rules for an Article V Convention of the States, a Constitutional process for

Black Protesters in Chicago Slam Obama as “Worst President Ever” [WATCH VIDEO]

Black Chcago upset with Obama

President Obama had near unanimous support from the black community when he was first elected in 2008.  Since then, that support began declining a little bit, but Obama still drew massive support from blacks in 2012.  But their support for him has dropped precipitously since then. Black Americans are waking up to finally see that

UNREAL: Obama is Going on Lavish, Half-Month Vacation in August

Obama Speaks On Impending Vote On Wall Street Reform Bill

For a man who talks endlessly about income inequality and class warfare, portraying himself as a champion of the poor and working class, President Obama sure likes to take lavish and luxurious vacations fit for the 1%. The Obamas go on vacation a lot, at least 3-4 times per year, always sparing no expense, and

School Nutrition Group Declares War on Michelle Obama’s Insane “Lunch Rules”

Michelle Obama's school lunch program

First Lady Michelle Obama has made battling childhood obesity her cause, something noble and worthy that we can all agree on.  She has used her position to promote the “Let’s Move” initiative, which encourages kids to get outside and play, and to push new nutritional standards for school lunches. Unfortunately, students have widely rejected the

BREAKING: EPA Claims Power to “Garnish Wages”

Obama Holds Summit With Karzai At White House

President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has been unleashed and spurred on by their almost cult-like belief in global warming and big government. They have been steadily overreaching their originally intended boundaries and limitations, taking unilateral regulatory actions never approved by Congress, sometimes even specifically rejected by Congress, like their recent anti-coal rules that will cause

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