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George Will Announces Support for a “Convention” to Stop Obama


The movement pushing an Article V Convention of the States is growing fast.  It is composed mostly of state lawmakers seeking to force the federal government to balance the budget with a constitutional amendment. Michigan recently submitted an application for a Convention, possibly becoming the final state necessary to set in motion such a constitutional amendment Convention focused on a balanced budget amendment. More and more influential conservatives are coming out in favor of a convention, including Mark Levin and

BREAKING: Pro-Liberty Group to Defy the IRS

President Obama Attends Memorial Service At Ft. Hood For Shooting Victims

As more of the truth about the IRS targeting scandal becomes known, the more it becomes apparent that the targeting was done to help Democrats. Besides the silencing and intimidation of conservative groups by the IRS, it has been revealed that the IRS illegally leaked confidential tax information and donor lists to Democrats and liberal political groups, providing them with critical information to be used in attacking their opponents. The IRS has even changed their rules and regulations, attempting to

Cliven Bundy: Harry Reid “Needs to Be Kicked Out of Office”

Bundy family on Reid

Many of us watched intently last week as a standoff grew between the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy in southern Nevada. Supporters and protestors swarmed to the area to help protect Bundy and his ranch from the armed federal agents, as tensions ratcheted higher.  Many of the supporters included Oathkeepers and militia members. On Saturday, the feds backed down from the tense face-off, and pulled back from the Bundy Ranch, releasing his cows that they

UNREAL: Obama Gives Massive Promotion to Woman Who Shut Down the War Memorials

Sylvia Burwell

Last week we shared the news that Kathleen Sebelius was resigning as Secretary of Health and Human Services because of the disastrous law that is Obamacare. Before the resignation was final the White House had already leaked that Sylvia Burwell would be nominated as the replacement for Sebelius.  Many people asked, Sylvia who?  But we already know who she is, even if we didn’t know her name. Sylvia Burwell was the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the

George Will: New American “Revolution” is Inevitable

George Will

Many of us have given thought to the possibility of a new American Revolution. While it is certainly not preferable, the nation is reaching a tipping point of unsustainability when it comes to the progressive liberal assault on our Constitution, our liberty and freedom, and our inherent rights. Big government continues to grow to ever greater heights, all seemingly at the expense of normal American citizens and future generations..  This can’t continue forever. Acclaimed conservative author and thinker George Will

Former Judge: Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder

Judge Napolitano

Attorney General Eric Holder is a criminal that has lied to Congress, been held in contempt, and remains uncooperative in important congressional investigations and combative towards legislators. Not only should he be prosecuted for his felonious crime of lying under oath to Congress, but he should be fired and removed from office. Senator Ted Cruz and numerous House Republicans have called for Holder to be impeached.  In fact, Articles of Impeachment for Holder have already been drawn up. Former Judge

ALERT: The “Oath Keepers” and Militia Are Mobilizing in Nevada

Bundy ranch-BLM stand-off

There is a tense crisis brewing out in Nevada as what appeared to be a simple, on-going land dispute between a rancher and the federal government has grown much deeper and more complex. Earlier this week reports began to surface on social and alternative media about the 200+ armed federal agents that had surrounded Cliven Bundy’s ranch and how they were rounding up his cattle. The feds claim that Bundy and his cattle are trespassing on protected land controlled by

VIDEO: Trey Gowdy Explains Why Lois Lerner Should Be Arrested

Gowdy on 5th Amendment waiver

Trey Gowdy has been a bulldog in his quest to reach the bottom of the IRS targeting scandal. It is this tenacity that is one of the reasons the GOP needs more of him, and more like him. He has long been calling for Lois Lerner to be held in contempt of Congress for her refusal to testify, and to be criminally prosecuted for her felonious actions as part of the IRS targeting scandal. Trey Gowdy continues to hound Lois

Ted Cruz: Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder

Senators Ted Cruz And Mike Lee Call For Defunding Of Obamacare

Attorney General Eric Holder has been an embarrassing and disappointingly partisan leader of the Department of Justice, an agency that is supposed to remain nonpartisan and blind to politics in their pursuit of justice and law. Holder’s office has been uncooperative and less than forthcoming in dealing with congressional investigations into the numerous scandals and allegations of wrongdoing by president Obama and his administration. Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal, then had Obama cover

BREAKING: Kathleen Sebelius Resigns After Obamacare Fiasco


The rollout of Obamacare was a complete debacle, and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was the public face of the horrible mess. She was never really able to explain the law or the horrible rollout, blaming Republicans for poor enrollment numbers, and lying under oath to Congress about those same enrollment numbers, as well as the faulty website. She was even ripped apart on national TV by reliable liberal comedy central host Jon Stewart. Now Kathleen Sebelius will

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