Christian Libertarianism

March 3, 2012

Yesterday, someone responded to the’s newsletter. They had received an email linking to our “Jesus was a libertarian” article as well as our article on Romans 13, where we explained that the “Prince of Peace” taught a philosophy of violence only being justified in defense situations.

This was problem for her, and she wanted only secular analysis and for us to “spare” her the religious angle.

This was my response:

“Hey [Name],

There will likely be articles from the religious angle of libertarianism because it’s a topic that needs to be discussed. There are thousands of libertarians who are Christians — and they need to have a source for understanding the “Prince of Peace” that wasn’t written by a statist.

You’re welcome to ignore the religious articles, but they’ll likely be published. There are more than enough libertarian publications from a secular perspective, and I don’t complain about that. Please respect my faith as well.


It’s true. The vast majority of religious political analysis is from a statist approach. We’re going to publish occasional religious articles for the religious readers, because they exist too, and trust me — we read more than enough stuff from a secular perspective without being offended or generally even protesting.

The email exchange continued after the above, and my last email was:

“If you’d prefer the religious to only hear from the statists, keep protesting libertarian Christian publications. Meanwhile, I’ll try to reach the misled.”

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