Congressman Calls for Eric Holder to Be Immediately Fired

August 7, 2013

Eric Holder shouldn’t have a job, much less the job of being the Attorney General of the United States federal government. Having this man in charge of the Justice Department is like having the gangsters run a prison — it won’t end well.

So far, Eric Holder has lied to congress (a felony), intervened in the George Zimmerman controversy, had a Fox News journalist targeted, has called for a campaign to “brainwash” people (his words, not mine) on guns, and dozens of other scandals.

Now,┬áCongressman Bill Flores (R-TX) addressed the House and demanded that Eric Holder should be fired because they’re lying to congress, ignoring the constitution, and spying on American citizens. He also called for the firing of James Clapper, who is in charge of the NSA.

You can watch the video here:

This shouldn’t even be controversial. People in both parties understand that Eric Holder is corrupt and has violated the basic rights of US citizens. Even the Huffington Post agrees that Eric Holder has to go.

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