Obama Bribes Defense Companies To BREAK Law

October 3, 2012

In the past, Obama has flagrantly violated the law and has essentially led a campaign to undermine the constitution. He has ignored congress, passed legislation through executive orders, and has even taken over corporations. But now, he has “accomplished” what is likely the most corrupt scandal so far in his presidency.

He has told defense companies to ignore federal law requiring that they warn people of layoffs within 60 days of layoffs. His reasoning? It’ll hurt his reelection chances in swing states. In other words, he’s asking people to defy federal law for political gain. He wants an illegal advantage in the election.

But that’s not all — there’s more. Obama has promised the companies free legal fees being paid for by taxpayers for when employees sue the companies for breaking the law. I kid you not. He is promising to let corporations break the law and pay for their legal fees — so a bunch of people don’t support another candidate because of unemployment fears.

Investors Business Daily reports:

“When President Obama took the oath of office, he swore to uphold the Constitution and see that the laws of the United States were faithfully executed. He lied, and that lie was exposed in the administration’s weekly document dump last Friday.

It included a memo from the Department of Labor telling defense contractors not to obey the law and that, if they don’t, U.S. taxpayers will foot their legal bills when fired employees sue them for breaking the law.”

Obama is corrupt. His first election had his opponent — in Chicago, no less — bow out after a “scandal”. He came out of nowhere with powerful connections and has led one of the greatest economic heists in the history of man. And apparently, he’s willing to break the law to stay in power, even if that means bribing people with taxpayer money. Disgusting.

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