Democrats WALK OUT of Hearing With Parents of Benghazi Victims

September 20, 2013

Earlier today, an important hearing regarding the attack on Benghazi was being held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. The parents of the Benghazi heroes who died fighting to protect the US consulate were about to speak.

Then, in a turn of events that’s disgusting even by DC standards, most of the Democrats stood up and walked out. Apparently, they were either protesting or trying to show disrespect — either way, if there was any honor in their districts at all, this would end their careers.

A picture from Rep. Issa’s Twitter account and a list of the names of the congressmen who left is listed on this page. Disgusting. Spread this far and wide — their names should be known and shamed.

Here’s the image from Issa:

democrats walk out

You have to admit, Issa has been fighting for the truth even without support from the GOP establishment. He might not be perfect, but he deserves recognition for his work on getting to the truth about Benghazi.

Here’s the list of the Democrats who either walked out or didn’t attend:

Carolyn Maloney, NY
Danny Davis, IL
Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC
Gerald E. Connolly, VA
Jim Cooper, TN
John Tierney, MA
Mark Pocan, WI
Matt Cartwright, PA
Michelle Lujan Grisham, NM
Peter Welch, VT
Stephen Lynch, MA
Steven Horsford, NV
Tammy Duckworth, IL
Tony Cardenas, CA
William Lacy Clay, MO

HT to WZ and the Gateway Pundit.

Remember, last week John Kerry stopped the Benghazi survivors from being even questioned by congress.

Earlier, Obama even hid the survivors and had them change their names with threats towards their families.

The entire idea of the cover up is to defend Obama and Hillary so they can remain unscathed from their illegal plan to arm Syrians through Libya and their workings with radical Islamic groups.

Here are 6 facts that show how absurd Hillary’s handling of the entire situation was. It’s disgusting.

UPDATE: Some have pointed out that some Republicans also didn’t attend or had other meetings — they’re ignoring that at least the Republicans are pushing for the investigation. The Democrats are the ones claiming that the murder of the Americans was a “phony scandal”, and are the ones who the witnesses were discussing. That’s the difference, and yes, it’s huge.

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