More F-16s Being Shipped to Muslim Brotherhood [Share This]

January 22, 2013

While the media has been going on a 24-7 Obama-glory festival, dumping any attempt to pretend to be “non-biased” because of the inauguration, Obama has finally finished a project he’s been talking about for almost a year… sending taxpayer-funded F-16 fighter jets to the Muslim Brotherhood. At least four F16 fighter jets are on their way to Egypt right this very moment. It’s a “gift”, Obama says.

No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is being done right out in the open by Obama. The only one currently making any sort of waves about this is, like usual, Rand Paul. The Kentucky senator is currently engage in a one-man against the world war against tyranny. A video of him explaining how this hurts the US and everyone who is being victimized by the Muslim Brotherhood is below.

In fact, it’s not just jets. Fox News reports that “[s]ixteen F-16s and 200 Abrams tanks are to be given to the Egyptian government before the end of the year”. Emphasis mine. This is welfare for tyrants.

Remember, Egypt is currently suffering from tyranny, which is why they are still having massive protests and internal struggles. Just because they had a so-called “revolution” doesn’t mean that liberty is suddenly dumped on the people. Liberty doesn’t happen suddenly — it requires decades or even centuries of people slowly learning about natural law, the principles of property rights being sacred, and then building a system that protects that.

Sudden revolutions based on radical Islam or just a desire to be more “Western” isn’t the same as liberty. Even “democracy” isn’t the same as liberty, because people can then just vote on whose rights to violate. Because of this, we’re essentially financing hundreds of millions of dollars in order to militarily aid a tyrant who will violate the rights of his own people. It’s not only expensive — it’s downright wrong.

Rand Paul told the Washington Post:

“We should not be giving Egypt F-16s and Abrams tanks… we may be feeding an arms race.”

Here’s a video which includes excerpts of what Rand Paul said a few months ago about this problem:

It’s time to end all foreign aid. We simply can’t afford to keep arming people who hate us.

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