3 Facts That Prove George Zimmerman is Innocent

July 12, 2013

The idea that there is enough evidence to convict George Zimmerman of murder or manslaughter for the shooting of Trayvon Martin is absolutely absurd. It was never even questionable on the basis of actual evidence. There was no point in which we had evidence that Zimmerman shot him in any other context besides self defense.

On Zimmerman’s side are eyewitnesses, bloody cuts to the back of his head, a broken nose, and nothing to suggest otherwise. The media created a hysteria which is starting to fade. Even anti-Zimmerman commentators are starting to admit he is innocent.

The media, however, thrives on racial resentment. The political left uses it to create divide so that minorities will continue to vote Democrat and blindly support new welfare policies. Because of this, they need to make this a murder story — rather than a self-defense story. Let’s look at the facts below:

1. Eyewitnesses.

Jonathon Good was a neighbor who ended up seeing the fight between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Immediately after the conflict, he told police that there was a “darker-skinned guy on top pretty much throwing down blows.”

In the next “point” we’ll look at the evidence of the blows. Yes, they were definitely there. This means that far from randomly shooting a kid, Zimmerman was being beaten to a bloody pulp in his own neighborhood.

After that, we’ll look at another eyewitness who was supposed to be against Zimmerman… who changed her story when she realized the media mislead her.

2. Cuts and broken bones.

Zimmerman explained that his nose was broken and his head was being hit into the pavement. This happened. There were eyewitnesses of the punching, and photographic evidence of the damage to the back of his head:

zimmerman injuries

In the state of Florida, if you are in fear of “serious bodily injury or death”, you can use deadly force. This means that as soon as you can reasonably fear being seriously injured by someone, you have the right to do whatever necessary to stop the risk.

You don’t have to be half dead, about to die, or close to death. You have to be in reasonable fear of it — or great bodily injury.

Zimmerman was being beaten in the middle of the night by a kid we later discovered was likely high. His nose was broken, he was pinned down, and his head was being hit against the pavement. He was absolutely justified.

3. No evidence to the contrary.

There is no evidence to prove anything other than what was said. At best, Trayvon’s girlfriend tried to claim she heard Zimmerman jump on top of Martin… through a cell phone, during the rain. Her original thoughts are muddled, contradictory, and the idea that she could have even heard that is absurd.

She also admits that she previously lied to prosecutors. This isn’t enough to even take seriously, much less give a murder conviction over.

The only eyewitness who was against Zimmerman was a woman who found out during cross examination that Trayvon Martin didn’t have the body of a 12-year-old. In other words, Martin was the taller one on top. This is an example of the media trying to crucify someone.

In other words, the only evidence that went from strongly hurting Zimmerman was flipped during the trial. She was mislead by the media — and she should now be seen as an eyewitness in Zimmerman’s favor.

Analyzing the Evidence

There are plenty of other articles written about this that are incredibly comprehensive. Zimmerman shouldn’t have even been charged with a crime — there wasn’t enough evidence. Even veteran state detectives agreed.

The only reason he’s in trouble is because of racial outrage that’s based on people who either aren’t keeping up with the facts or who are being lied to for political gain.

The corruption against Zimmerman is so bad, a prosecutor has been indicted. Even the feds were propping up and supporting anti-Zimmerman protests. It’s disgusting. Due process means nothing to these people.

George Zimmerman is innocent. And the jury should agree.

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