Gov. Scott Walker Introduces Plan to Bypass Obamacare

Obamacare is shaping up to be the biggest economic disaster in recent history and the federal government is persistent in its attempt to drag the country down with it. But, they will not succeed if we take action.

The states are slowly but surely beginning to push back. South Carolina and Georgia are both prepared to ban Obamacare in their state and they are both suing Obama for changing the law at his whim.

And now Wisconsin is on board — but with a different approach.

The way South Carolina and Georgia will outlaw Obamacare is by making it illegal for any of the state’s resources or funds to be put towards the implementation of Obamacare, including state exchanges. This is a legal and workable option for the states to fight back.

Governor Scott Walker (WI) has another plan though — and it is gaining steam.

Newsmax reports:

Walker reportedly wants to let the uninsured use tax credits to buy plans offered on the federal online exchanges directly from the insurance companies.

This approach will “let consumers go right to insurance carriers for coverage available through online exchanges,” effectively bypassing Obamacare. However, it will need Health and Human Services’ approval before it could be implemented. Jonathan Gruber, an economist at MIT, says:

If they don’t approve this, this is ultimately exposing that this isn’t really about access and this isn’t about affordability. It’s about government playing a heavier hand in these kinds of decisions.

While it is true that the less money the government nets from American citizens, the better, it remains to be seen whether these tax credits will exceed the amount of money paid in to the government — which would clearly be a problem.

But with people losing their coverage left and right, accessibility and affordability of healthcare is of utmost importance. Obviously, Obamacare is just making it less accessible and less affordable. Efforts to sidestep the destructive legislation are bold attempts at getting people insured and pushing back against an overbearing federal government.

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