Hobby Lobby Wins an Injunction in Lawsuit Against Obamacare

July 20, 2013

Who would have thought that an arts and crafts store would be leading the charge against Obama’s health care takeover? That’s exactly what seems to be happening. Months ago, the CEO of Hobby Lobby released a statement, saying they were fighting on religious principle.

They’re far more open to shutting down than abandoning their beliefs — that Obamacare forces them to violate. They sued, and recently won a substantial victory in that they wouldn’t be forced to pay any fines incurred during their lawsuit.

Now they’ve won an injunction against Obamacare, which essentially means the law is temporarily not applying to them until October, when the feds are likely to appeal. This is a massive step in the right direction, and is a sign that there’s a very plausible full victory around the corner.

This case very well could end up at the Supreme Court. We can only hope that it does. Here’s what ABC News is reporting:

“We’re just very excited. This is a great step for us,” Hobby Lobby president Steve Green said.

Members of the Green family say they believe life begins at conception, and oppose birth control methods that can prevent implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus, such as an intrauterine device or forms of emergency contraception.

The company offers 16 other forms of birth control mentioned in the federal health care law in its health insurance plans.

“To offer prescriptions that take life is not an option for us,” said Green, who attended Friday’s hearing with other family members and supporters.

Good for them. Never abandon your beliefs, even if the government has their boot on your throat  There are more important things in life than financial success — and that’s what Hobby Lobby represents right now.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be buying some arts and crafts supplies at Hobby Lobby soon whether I need them or not. We have to support those who are fighting Goliath. We have to stick together.

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