BREAKING: Hobby Lobby Obamacare Lawsuit Goes to Supreme Court

November 26, 2013

BREAKING: Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against Obamacare has made it all the way to the US Supreme Court. They’re one of hundreds of plaintiffs who have sued the federal government over being forced to pay for contraceptives and what they believe is immoral.

Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store that said they’d rather go out of business than surrender to Obamacare. You can read the CEO’s open letter here.

This is fantastic news, because it’s providing one more chance for a large part of Obamacare to be struck down. Nobody should be forced to pay for what they believe is murder — that’s unconstitutional, and Hobby Lobby is definitely in the right.

From CNN:

Washington (CNN) – The high-stakes fight over implementing parts of the troubled healthcare reform law will move to the U.S. Supreme Court in coming months, in a dispute involving coverage for contraceptives and “religious liberty.”

The justices agreed on Tuesday to review provisions in the Affordable Care Act requiring employers of a certain size to offer insurance coverage for birth control and other reproductive health services without a co-pay.

You can read more about the lawsuit and the challenges here.

Click here to see the CEO’s open letter about why they’re risking everything to fight Obamacare.

It’s time to stand with Hobby Lobby as they stand with us. There’s a local store close to where I live… I’ll be buying some products from them soon, just to show support. I’d like to encourage everyone who can to consider this.

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