How to Join Rand Paul’s Class Action Lawsuit Against the Feds

June 16, 2013

One of the most common comments on our Facebook page is that activists are tired of constant talk with little action. What’s actually being done about the violation of our 4th Amendment rights?

Sen. Rand Paul apparently agrees that more than words should be the response, and has started organizing a multi-million plaintiff class-action lawsuit against the federal government because of the NSA spying on essentially everyone.

In this article, we’ll discuss why such a lawsuit is vital, how you can sign up, and how Rand is helping strengthen the war on terrorists. First, let’s watch his press conference:

Why We Need the Lawsuit, and How to Join

Signing up for the class-action lawsuit is actually pretty simple. Just go to to and sign up. It’s a one-page form, and I’ve already signed up. Everyone should sign up and encourage others to join in.

The reason for the lawsuit is pretty clear. Domestically spying on Americans without specific warrants is a violation of the 4th Amendment, and essentially means we live under a police state, where every word is recorded and can be used against us.

This is a direct violation of our rights as free people. There’s absolutely no moral case that can be made for it that doesn’t appeal to some kind of vague claim about “terrorism”. Even then, let’s talk about terrorism.

Are we safe if we target literally everyone and watch them? Or are we safer if we focus on targeting specific suspects with warrants and due process? The answer should be fairly clear.

You are less of a danger than someone who has ties to terrorist organizations. That this needs to be said shows how messed up our political system has become.

Why the Domestic Spying Hurts the War on Terror

When you target everyone, your ability to actually stop an actual terrorist drops. You become so overwhelmed by data, that you simply can’t respond to the real threats that others pose.

This is one of the reasons we continue to see terror attacks on the US like in Boston. The feds are too busy spying on your emails to keep track of the Islamic radicals traveling around and communicating with known terrorists.

The NSA is not helping the war on Islamic tyranny by spying on innocent people. That’s just nonsense. This has nothing to do with stopping terror — it’s about controlling you and keeping tabs on Americans for political reasons.

There’s a reason the IRS also is targeting people for political views. The biggest risk for a politician is that he does what comes natural — makes policy choices based on acquiring and maintaining power. This is the biggest risk because it’s an essentially inherent problem with politics.

That’s why this lawsuit is absolutely vital. It’s necessary if we want to increase our safety and our liberty. Remember, a tyrant is generally someone who claims you need to give up your rights if you want to be safe.

This is nonsense, because only by respecting our rights can the government focus their efforts on those who are an actual danger. They simply don’t have the manpower for anything else.

Far from needing to give up liberty for security, we actually have more security if we defend our liberty. That’s why I joined Rand’s lawsuit, and that’s why I’d love it if you’d join as well. Go to and sign up right now.

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