WATCH: Thug Tries to Play “Knock Out Game”… Gets Shot Twice

November 21, 2013

A teenage thug tried to play the “knock out game”, a crime where you try to knock out a stranger on the street. Instead, he got shot twice by an armed citizen. Please SHARE.

This is exactly what should happen when thugs turn violence into a “game”. Turn the tables and use your God-given right to defend yourself. Shoot back.

Hopefully, this story will go just as viral as the other stories — and will lead to some people thinking more about arming themselves for self defense.

There’s only one way to stop someone who intends to use coercion on you. Defend yourself. It’s the basic principle of natural law and is the foundation of a proper political society. Defend your rights.

Please SHARE this as a lesson to any wannabe-thugs out there. Being a violent criminal could get you killed.

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