FACT: Nelson Mandela Supported Voter ID (PICTURE)

December 12, 2013

Remember when Texas re-introduced a Voter ID law and they were scolded by the Obama administration for being racist?

The liberal media even said that Virginia’s Voter ID law “is a chilling step towards Jim Crow America.”

Well, this should blow the leftists’ claim that requiring an ID to vote is “racist” right out of the water.

An interesting photograph has resurfaced after the recent passing of South Africa’s former president, Nelson Mandela. He is enthusiastically wearing a t-shirt that reads, “Get an ID. Register. Vote.


Obviously, this puts liberals in an awkward position of either rescinding their pathetic “argument” that requiring an ID to vote is “racist” — or calling the anti-apartheid philanthropist a racist.

I won’t hold my breath wondering which one they will pick.

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