McCain Visits Syria, Meets With Allies of Al Qaeda

May 28, 2013

John McCain traveled to Syria in favor of the US giving weapons to rebel forces in the country. The catch? There are thousands of Al Qaeda militants among the rebel forces, and the rebel troops are strong allies of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic extremist groups.

This shows us just how delusional and insane DC politics are. McCain has shown himself to be a massive ally recently, not of liberty, but of tyranny in almost any and all forms.

It is NOT a good plan to send weapons to people we are fighting. It is NOT a good plan to go into debt to arm radical Islamic groups. That’s why Rand Paul gave this speech against arming the Muslim Brotherhood. This will lead to dead innocent people.

Remember, John McCain believes that the US policy should be to create “allies” by giving weapons to Islamic radical groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.

McCain’s position on Syria is that he’s upset at Obama for not doing enough to aid the rebels. He falsely believes that since the dictator is an evil man, the rebels must be the “good guys”.

Of course, he doesn’t understand what should be obvious: both sides are the bad guys. There is no “life and liberty” movement going on in Syria.

For example, the leader of the Syrian opposition is a radical left-wing former communist. Why would radical Islamic groups work with him? Because once the collapse of the current regime occurs, Syria will be far more open to Islamic groups taking a much more powerful role. In fact, Islamic groups are already taking over many regions during the war.

They’re allies with a common end goal: replace the current tyranny with a new tyranny. We should have no part in this.

You can’t just “dump” liberty onto a culture. They have to understand natural law, believe in property rights, understand capitalism, and support a consistent rule of law. This is not happening in Syria.

Taking a side in a conflict where both sides support tyranny is nuts. Doing it in a way that will likely lead to US weapons going to Al Qaeda is simply disastrous at best.

Rand Paul has been fighting this move, because he understands that you can’t buy friends with weapons, and you can’t turn Islamic tyrants into peaceful people with a handshake, and the civil wars of other countries aren’t our business.

As Rand Paul said when McCain voted to arm the rebels:

This is an important moment. You will be funding, today, the allies of al Qaeda. It’s an irony you cannot overcome.

Rand is right. McCain is wrong. We have to understand this, or we’ll continue arming terrorists and wasting more of our money. We should NOT be arming radical Islamic groups. Please “recommend” if you agree:

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