Why Is Obama Arming The Muslim Brotherhood?

December 12, 2012

The Obama administration seems to be content to be wrong about almost everything. Gun control, environmental regulations, increasing taxes, increasing spending, increasing debt, violating federalism, etc. You name it, and they’re probably wrong about it. But now, even the Obama administration is hitting a point where anyone with any common sense can tell that something is bizarrely wrong.

Here’s an example: Obama sent tons of money and even F-16 fighter jets to Egypt. This is now in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood. That’s right, your tax dollars are now going directly to Islamic tyrants to kill people with. This is insane, tyrannical, and evil.

As Rand Paul wrote on his Facebook page:

“We gave fighter jets to Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak which he used to intimidate his own people. Obama is now giving 20 F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood. Why? Who on earth thinks this is a good idea?”

We’ve discussed the idea before about Global Jihad, the idea that there is a worldwide push for Sharia law to be enforced everywhere. The response to this shouldn’t be to send billions in aid to any country, especially not those countries which actively support the radical Islam. The money always ends up in the wrong hands.

The solution right now is to do what is politically possible, and then work toward the goal of ending all foreign aid. While there are homeless Americans and massive federal deficits, it is downright wicked to be sending our tax dollars to people who plan on using that money in the cause of tyranny. End foreign aid.

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