15-Year-Old Boy Protects His Sister With an AR-15 Rifle

March 1, 2013

Almost every day, a dozen people post on our Facebook page: “Why would anyone need an AR-15?” The short answer should be, “because it’s our constitutional and natural right“, but for some people, that’s not enough.

The other answer is more practical… it allows people to defend themselves and their loved ones. Gun rights help stop criminals. Gun control does the opposite, and actually makes crime go dramatically up.

For an example of gun rights being used to protect innocent people, here’s the story of a young man who used an AR-15 to protect his sister a while back:

A 15-Year-Old Boy uses AR-15 to Defend Family

A 15-year-old was at his home with his sister when a group of men broke into his home to do who knows what to his precious family. What does the boy do? He goes for his dad’s “assault weapon” AR-15.

He starts shooting, and hits one of the thugs multiple times. He did his family proud, defended them, and the story ended happily. If he hadn’t been armed, there’s no telling what could have happened.

Sometimes, a “scary gun” is necessary when you’re out-manned  outnumbered, and scared for your life. Sometimes, you need extra firepower to defend yourself.

In the media, the only thing you ever hear about are horror stories involving assault weapons. If you want to keep reading, check out our politically incorrect facts about guns.

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