6 Ways Benghazi Proves Hillary Should Never Be President

May 6, 2013

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appears to be the front runner for the Democratic nomination to run for President in 2016, despite the fact that her actions surrounding the terror attack on the Benghazi Consulate prove she shouldn’t be allowed to run a non-profit, much less a whole administration.

The entire Obama Administration has handled the attack poorly, but Hillary should shoulder most of the blame, due to her position and involvement.

The American people need only to look at her behavior before, during and after Benghazi to know how she would handle a similar crisis if she were to be elected President. If anything, we should be looking for ways to file criminal charges — not give her the most powerful political office on earth.

1. She blatantly lied. Hillary Clinton deliberately lied about the cause of the attack. The American people were told that the attack was the result of a spontaneous riot in protest of a little-seen Youtube video that spun out of control. Anyone could see that it was obviously a planned assault by a terrorist outfit. Yet, Hillary and other members of the administration blamed the video for over a month.

2. She said it didn’t “matter”. When Hillary finally found time to testify before Congress about the Benghazi attack, she claimed that her lies did not matter. Despite multiple Congressmen pointing out facts of the attack that disproved the administrations narrative, she arrogantly dismissed their questions.

Pressed by Senator Johnson about why she had lied, she famously exploded “what difference, at this point, does it make?” She also lied under oath in these hearings, claiming she had no foreknowledge of the security situation in Benghazi. Documents and emails obtained from the State Department, bearing her signature, prove otherwise.

3. Her “investigation” was a fraud. After the attack, Hillary directed the State Department to conduct an internal investigation into what went wrong. That was like having a criminal on trial act as his own prosecutor, judge and jury.

The fraudulent investigation discovered nothing noteworthy, mostly because it did not interview any of the survivors of the attack, nor any of the high-ranking State Department officials involved. Sticking only to interviewing mid-level and insulated employees, the investigation served only as an attempt to cover-up Hillary’s mistakes.

4. She could have stopped the attack. New evidence and information have revealed that the Benghazi attack could have been stopped. Numerous documents and emails show that the State Department, including Hillary Clinton, were well aware of the dangerous lack of security at the Consulate, yet they did nothing to remedy the situation.

Furthermore, anonymous special ops witnesses and whistleblower survivors have said that military assets were near the region and could have easily reached Benghazi in time to save lives and prevent the second attack.

5. She has silenced whistle blowers. The White House has censored the truth about what happened in Benghazi, helped along by the complicit mainstream media. From the beginning, all attempts to uncover the truth have been stonewalled at every turn and met with lies, half-truths, or silence.

Witnesses have been hidden. The few who have stepped forward claim they were threatened to remain silent. Certain members of the military who may have spoken out about Benghazi have died, disappeared, or fallen from public view in disgrace. By all appearances it seems the White House, and Hillary Clinton, are involved in a full-scale cover-up.

6. She had no plan for defense. It is now quite obvious that Hillary had no plan for dealing with an attack like Benghazi. From the ignoring of prior threats and attacks before 9/11 and the removal of a highly trained security force, to the denial of requests for additional security measures and the lack of communication between the State Department and the military, it is apparent that Hillary Clinton is quite incompetent when it comes to securing the interests of America and the lives of Americans serving those interests abroad.

Can we take the risk of expecting her to be any more competent in dealing with a similar situation as President? The answer is obvious. Keep that woman out of the White House, whatever it takes.

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