Good News: Senate Votes “NO” on UN Gun Ban Treaty

March 24, 2013

First, the assault weapons ban effectually died in the Senate when it was divorced from the main Democrat anti-gun bill. It’s virtually certain that the ban is going to die without a chance of making it to law. That was the first pro-gun victory.

Now, the Senate voted “no” on the UN gun ban treaty by supporting an amendment that rejects a UN gun ban treaty. This is simply wonderful news, because any kind of move toward UN gun control could have very well led to bloodshed — many Americans simply would ignore any laws and/or disobey. I suppose you could say that the American people dodged a bullet.

That said, don’t get comfortable. This fight isn’t remotely close to being over. The sad part is that they can simply bring up the treaty again. Please keep an eagle eye on the news and listen for anything you can about future attempts to use the UN to create new gun laws. We’ll report everything we can find here.

Do treaties trump the constitution?

That depends on who you ask. That said, it’s not possible for a treaty to actually go against the constitution. The treaty would simply be words on a paper — not a binding treaty endorsed by the legitimate, constituional government of the United States.

That said, “legitimacy” hasn’t stopped the psychopaths and tyrants who have been trying to create a “New World Order” with centrally planned economies and legal systems. Their goal is power… and they don’t care what they have to do to get there.

The John Birch Society’s magazine “The New American” has a great write-up on this topic here. Check it out. The JBS has been fighting world government influences for decades. People used to claim they were “conspiracy theorists”, but now it’s fairly accepted around the world that, yes, there is a push for the UN to control everything about regular people’s lives.

Fighting a New World Order

The New World Order isn’t a new concept. For the entire span of history, tyrants and psychopaths have conspired to conquer the world. Alexander the Great used swords and spears, Genghis Khan used horseback tactics, Hitler used Blitzkrieg  and the current batch are being sneaky — they’re using treaties and contracts.

Regardless of the tactics, however, being conquered and having a world governmental system is a hideous idea that would enslave all of mankind for centuries. When power is consolidated, men become less free. A power concentrates, liberty dissipates.

That’s why it’s vital that we support decentralization of power, federalism, nullification, and encouraging the states to simply ignore or challenge any gun laws, Obamacare, and tyranny in any form.

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