Obama Administration Tries To Censor Anti-Islam Video

September 14, 2012

Few administrations in the history of the United States have shown such an outright defiance to the constitution than the Obama administration. They seemingly despise the Second Amendment gun rights, free speech, freedom of association, the right to a trial, constitutional war powers — and the list goes on.

But how the Obama administration has responded to the attacks on US embassies is such a violation of the basic principle of free speech, it has shocked even me. And it’s hard to shock me, because my standards for the president are low — he’ll do anything to acquire more power.

We’ve seen this pattern for the last three years. Unconstitutional bailouts, killings, privacy violations, detainments, policy changes — there’s no end in sight. So what did they do this time?

Obama’s staff tried to get YouTube to yank the video behind the terrorist attacks to appease the terrorists.

According to the LA Times:

“In a sign of the tensions the movie has sparked, Los Angeles County officials said the U.S. State Department had asked them not to release copies of the film permits containing information about who organized the shoot. Obama administration officials also flagged the trailer to YouTube and asked the company to review whether it violated the website’s terms of service.”

In other words, they want the terror attacks to win. They want us to back down from freedom of speech because they want the radical Islamic protests to have worked.

They want to silence Americans. Not out of choice of those speaking, but out of manipulation and censorship and strong-arming. This is anti-American, anti-constitution, and anti-liberty. It is simply shameful that an American president would even stoop as low as this.

Why This Matters

If a woman “sassed” her husband in a way that angered him, and he responded like a coward and beat her, should the police tell her to quiet down? Or should they focus exclusively on the beating? The beating, of course. If she chooses to quiet down, that’s her choice. And any cop who would even remotely imply that it’s her fault should resign — that is disgraceful.

It’s called “victim blaming” and it’s nothing new. Cowardly people often do it to rape victims — especially in countries dominated by fundamentalist Islam. It is not fitting for a country that embraces liberty, nor is it fitting in a country that claims to support open speech. No, the government didn’t outright ban the video, though there has been discussion of the video “inciting” the murders. More victim blaming.

Obama’s pattern of “giving up” to murderers isn’t new. His ambassador, after seeing the Egyptian embassy overrun by terrorists, actually said:

“The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims… We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others”.

With victim-blaming friends like these, who needs enemies? They should be telling the terrorists that the Muslims should respect freedom of speech — not apologize for the freedom in the US. That I have to write this out is pathetic. It shows how far we’ve fallen from the days of Washington and Jefferson.

The embassy later deleted the page on their site. But there’s a record, and you can’t delete actions you don’t like. Simply shocking.

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I’ll be writing more about these events in the next day or so, because very little of the commentary so far has been able to wrap up exactly how the Obama administration has completely failed on every level for the last 3 years when it comes to foreign policy.

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