Obama Demands Muslim Brotherhood Be Given Another Election Chance

August 14, 2013

Obama’s foreign policy is destructive to the point of being surreal. It’s an incoherent mixture of “drone first, ask later” along with dumping weapons and cash on to radical groups who have no business being armed by US taxpayers.

The end result, of course, is that Al Qaeda and other radical groups are growing stronger. Blowback from the drones is helping them recruit, arms from Obama’s “accidental” shipments help them fight, and anti-Obama sentiment around the world is pushing them to continue to be radicalized.

Now, Obama is intervening again, this time with regards to Egypt. He’s demanding that the Muslim Brotherhood be given yet another chance during an election — even though it’s clear that the Egyptian people couldn’t care less what Obama wants.

From the Daily Caller:

The White House Wednesday pushed multiple statements calling for elections in Egypt, as the country’s military-backed government cracked down on violent Islamist protesters in Cairo.

“When the interim government took power [in July], we expressed our concern about the need for a prompt transition back to a democratically elected civilian government,” deputy press secretary Josh Earnest said Aug. 14.

“We made clear to them that the [financial] aid we offer to Egyptians is something we review regularly, and that is something that continues to be true today,” he emphasized, at the press briefing in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., where Obama is taking a vacation.

Earnest repeated the “democratically elected civilian government” line 15 times during the briefing.

…The statements follow Obama’s Aug. 7 effort to support the priorities of Turkey’s Islamist government, which is trying to promote Islamist parties throughout the Arab region.

This is disgusting and completely wrong. Our stance towards Egypt should be simple: it’s none of our business. By continuing to outrage the Egyptian people, he’s hurting the US, encouraging hatred of the American people, and achieving nothing.

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