Is Obama Firing Generals Not Willing to Kill Americans?

January 27, 2013

Last week, the Utah Sheriffs’ Association promised to defend the constitution even to the death — if necessary. Thousands of Americans have pledged to ignore gun registration requirements in New York alone. And millions of Americans are openly discussing the possibility of secession. We live in surreal times.

But this isn’t one-sided. Now, Obama is apparently asking his generals a question: are you willing to fire on American citizens? If not, then they can’t go up the ranks. This means Obama is readying the US military to literally shoot and kill Americans. What is the source for this? A Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

Is he correct? There’s really no telling. It’s impossible to know for certain. He’s made other strong claims, specifically connected to the Sandy Hook shooting. It’s best that we strongly doubt strong claims like this — still, this is the kind of news we should be extremely sensitive to, because “messing up” on something like this is a mistake you only get to make once. An interview with the source is below:

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