Obama Gives $680 Million to Military Firm Owned by… Russia

April 9, 2013

The level of corruption that exists in the government is difficult for people of integrity to even comprehend. Almost every action taken by politicians is about power brokering. It’s about keeping power in the family — in the establishment.

That’s why John McCain is attacking Rand Paul and defending Obama. He’s part of the system, and people who challenge the system are the enemy, no matter what party they’re in.

For an example of how corrupt things are, just look at what Obama just did. He sent $680,000,000 to a Russian-government owned military company. Why? To buy helicopters. Who would use the helicopters? Afghanistan. That’s right, this foreign aid is even worse than the aid being given to Egypt, because at least Egypt was buying US hardware.

Keeping Track of the Score

Here are some more examples of what went wrong with this “deal”:

  • It gave money to Russia. Honestly, if this being a problem needs to be explained, we’re further gone than I thought. We shouldn’t be spending our money to give to the governments of other countries — especially not Russia.
  • It gave hardware to Afghanistan. The government of Afghanistan can’t be bailed out by US taxpayers forever. It’s time they take their own security as their own responsibility.
  • It gave money to a corrupt firm. The firm that received the millions — It gave money to a corrupt firm (Rosoboronexport) has helped send military hardware to other tyrannical regimes, like the Syrian government. We’re essentially financing a corporation that’s helping murder people.
  • It was a no bid contract. US arms makers couldn’t even bid on the contract. This wasn’t just about arms — this was political. This was power-brokering. Obama is trying to make friends with powerful people — and he’s using our money.
  • It bypassed congress. Congress explicitly has made it difficult to buy anything from Rosoboronexport. Obama bypassed them. People from both parties have condemned our deals with Rosoboronexport in the past, and apparently, the administration couldn’t care less.

In the end, like almost all of our foreign policy, this was about power. It’s not about liberty, or security, or the economy. It’s about power brokering. We simply can’t afford this any longer. Please help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter — people need to know that there’s bipartisan anger over Obama taxing us to give to the Russians.

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