Watch: Obama is Called “War Criminal” in Irish Parliament

June 21, 2013

Wow. In one of the best smack-downs of Barack Obama I have ever seen, Clary Daly, an angry Irish politician calls Obama a “war criminal” for supporting the radical rebels in Syria while talking about “peace” in Ireland.

Remember, Obama just recently publicly blasted Catholic schools in Ireland, blaming them for division — while turning a blind eye to the fact that he’s soon to be dumping money and weapons on radical Islamic radicals in Syria.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if more of our own politicians stood up to the hypocrisy and the lies and the destructive actions of Obama? The only ones in the senate consistently fighting him every step of the way are senators like Rand Paul. The rest are inconsistent at best. Watch her speech here:

“Recommend” if you agree that Obama is a hypocrite:

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