Backlash: Both Parties Reject Obama’s Insane Budget

April 10, 2013

Obama’s budget is essentially an example of how incoherent and bizarre his economic philosophy is — if you even want to call it that. He’s either trying to explicitly destroy the US economy, tick off as many people as politically possible, or he really is the most economically illiterate president of all time.

Either way, his proposed budget is the worst of both worlds, and gives no group what they’re looking for. The plan includes massive tax hikes in the middle of a recession, keeps increasing spending, and yet it cuts Social Security.

Compare this to Rand Paul’s budget. His budget would balance in 5 years, would create jobs, and did it in a way that made perfect economic sense. This is what happens when you understand economics — you can be a good leader, because you know what to do. In other words, Rand Paul is essentially the opposite of Obama at this point.

The backlash isn’t just from Republicans or libertarians right now — it’s from both parties. Some groups are promising to primary anyone who votes for Obama’s plan. Talk about backlash. Let’s look at what the budget includes and why it’s wrong.

Increasing Taxes by Half a Trillion

Obama’s plan includes ending exceptions and increasing taxes on people supposedly “rich”. According to Obama this will be good for the economy. However, economics says “no”.

The wealthy are the ones who hire people. They’re the ones who have the money to create new businesses. You can’t fix the economy while taxing the rich more. That is nonsense. It’s not possible. Economics should guide us — not resentment. This is all part of Obama’s trend of lying about taxes on the rich.

We are against all tax increases without exception, all spending increases without exception, and all regulatory increases without exception. We’re in the middle of an economic emergency caused by too much in the way of taxing, spending, and regulating. Any more right now is simply economic suicide. If anything, it’s possibly too late to turn back already.

The impact of this change is bipartisan anger. Liberals and conservatives are both protesting the budget, with liberals feeling betrayed. To those who feel this way: you were warned.

Still More Spending

Obama uses fuzzy math (read: economic lies) to claim that there are spending cuts. In reality, actual spending will still increase. The plan never balances the budget — not even theoretically in the future. Fixing our problems is not their goal.

Remember, Obama will often claim that he’s “cutting” spending if he increases spending less than originally thought. In that sense, if he increases spending by 10 billion next year, he could claim to be “cutting” hundreds of billions in spending. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

There’s a word for this kind of rhetoric: lying.

Regardless of how much spending exists, the plan will still overspend by $744 billion next year. That’s “billion” with a “b”.

Social Security Cuts

We believe that economic truths are sometimes no fun at all. That means we have to make radical changes to Social Security in order to save the US economy. The good news is that this will help everyone — less government and more freedom means retirement would be far easier than our current system.

For example, the goal is for Social Security to eventually be voluntary, eventually privatized and become fully independent of the government. Doing this would eventually allow people to get a far, far greater return than the pure robbery of the current system.

Obama’s plan is to not do this, but to instead keep people forced into the system, don’t let them leave, and then lower the payments they’ll get.

This plan has the long-term goal of keeping people angry, poor, and desperate. Yes, it’s as evil as it sounds.

We’ve never seen a spending cut we didn’t like, but that doesn’t mean the plan is one we support, and it sure as heck doesn’t mean we should support the budget overall — this budget is pure evil, with the goal of pushing people into desperation.

Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, independents — almost everyone is horrified at the budget. I’ve seen almost no positive response to it.

Some are wrong about the problems the budget has, but one thing is clear… Obama is either the most economically illiterate president in history, his goal is economic ruin — or both.

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