Piers Morgan Fired? CNN “Actively Looking” for a “Replacement”

October 10, 2013

Piers Morgan is a fairly good example of the mindless statist “news” personalities that fill our airwaves. His answer to essentially every social and political question is more government. He’s particularly well-known for bashing basic gun rights found in the Second Amendment.

His show has continued to drop in popularity for several years, largely in part because he’s not particularly good at defending his views. For example, Ted Nugent destroyed his anti-gun views, as did these two women.

Now, it looks like CNN is looking to either fire him permanently or kick him to another time slot. Either way, this is great sign, because it shows that the American people aren’t interested in the mindless propaganda in favor f more government.

From the Washington Times:

FTVLive reported that sources say CNN head Jeff Zucker is “actively looking for a replacement for Piers Morgan.” Mr. Morgan in 2012 signed only a one-year contract extension, and that’s about to wrap, the site reported.

Mr. Zucker would like to replace him with Katie Couric, FTVLive reported. But he’s not counting on her, keeping an open mind about other replacement hosts, too, the sources said.

“He’s looking at other people besides Katie,” one said, to FTVLive.

Mr. Morgan might move to another CNN show — but not in prime time, the story said. If so, this would only realize what The New York Post reported a year ago.

Hopefully people show support for him being fired online. The man doesn’t deserve a TV interview, much less his own show.

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