Video: Jon Stewart Destroys Obama on IRS Scandal

May 14, 2013

The IRS has targeted Tea Party groups with years worth of extra paperwork, discrimination, and other harassment — because of their political views. This is a violation of the constitution on multiple levels. The IRS response? They apologized. That’s right — apologized. The leader didn’t step down, nobody was charged with a crime, no money returned, no one was compensated for the lost time — just an apology.

In other words, when you lie to the IRS, you go to jail. When the IRS lies to us, they get away with an apology. It’s disgusting. Jon Stewart had a special segment on the topic, as you can see below:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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Stewart is a liberal comedian who isn’t afraid to occasionally¬†critique¬†Obama — though he generally defends his policies. Still, the fact that the IRS scandal is so blatant it shows that it’s not even really controversial. It’s just criminal.

The government isn’t your friend. It’s trying to be your master. The only question is whether we keep putting up with it.

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