Obama Just Promoted Official Who Lied About Benghazi

June 6, 2013

Guess who the new “National Security Adviser” to Obama is going to be? Susan Rice, one of the main characters in the story of the Benghazi talking-point lies. The level of blatant corruption these days is simply the stuff that used to be reserved for third-world dictatorships or Mafia movies. Now it’s front-page news.

Remember, she went onto the news 5 times immediately after the murder of Americans at Benghazi, and claimed that the attacks were caused by a YouTube video. The obvious problem is that the State Department knew that wasn’t true. It was just a cover for Obama during the campaign.

This means that Obama’s administration is not being run by people who are interested in the truth or in doing their jobs to protect the rights of anyone — it’s 100% about keeping the powerful in power and their boots on our throats. It’s really that simple. Disgusting.

From Fox News:

Rice went on five Sunday shows after the attack and claimed it was triggered by protests over an anti-Islam film, an explanation many lawmakers said at the time was inaccurate.

So why was this woman promoted? Was Obama simply trying to rub it in our faces? That’s part of the reason. The rest of it is that it’s about keeping people in positions of power who are loyal to Obama — and to nothing and no one else. It’s about power.

As even K.T. McFarland, who is a revered national security expert even in “establishment” circles, explains:

She has zero credibility with the media, on Capitol Hill, with the foreign policy community and foreign leaders, and is so badly tarnished by the Benghazi scandal that she walks into the job on Day One weak and wounded.

The most obvious problem is her disastrous performance on the Sunday talk shows peddling the administration’s fairy tale on Benghazi; when she was either complicit in the cover-up or incompetent.

This is a political appointment, and by “political”, I mean that this is about retaining power. It’s about ruling over others. It’s about everything wrong with DC. It’s an example of why we can’t allow these thugs to run everything — not only are they incapable of knowing what to do with the state, but they also are essentially the worst of the lot. 

Some people believe in a Utopian world where the state serves the people through policies. This is, of course, a fantasy. It’s a fantasy because politics is always political. That’s such an obvious point, making it is simply redundant.

Politics will never be about “the truth” or “the economy”. It’s always about games and power.

It’s time we say enough. It’s time we start slashing and hacking at the state and regain our liberties — before it’s finally too late.

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